Dear Dy,
I have 13% body fat and I can’t really see my abs. Every picture I look at online with the same Body fat percentage have defined abs. Why is this?

Hi Ab-Conscious,

Its difficult for me to give you an accurate answer when you’ve told me nothing about your exercise regime, your body type, or your diet (although, for males, you’ll most likely see ab definition at around 10% body fat or below– see photo below).


But let’s just assume that you’re hitting the gym hard, maintaining an intense strength training practice and maintaining a proper diet that incorporates at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

You must still realize that genetics play a very big role in your muscular development. You may have to accept that you don’t have the genetics for a 6-pack…sometimes not even a 4-pack for that matter. If you are training hard and you’re starting to see some abs poke through, it’s probably just a matter of losing another 2% percent body fat to really show those chiseled muscles. But if you are training hard and blah… nothing? Well, you need to take that up with your parents.

Stop by the next Greenpointers market for a body assessment (2/9). I’ll be there with my skin calipers and will be able to assess your situation better. In the meantime, train hard, eat your protein, and for God’s sake, stop comparing yourself to other people!

You’re perfect the way you are.

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