Last Year's Window Design Entry on Grand St!!! WATCH OUT SANTA!!!

This Saturday December 14th, 2013 will be the 2nd Annual Grand St Holiday Window Display Competition in Brooklyn!

The community will cast their vote on the best, most original, gorgeous, and creative windows at 12 participating businesses on Grand Street between Lorimer and Humboldt Streets in East Williamsburg – which are designed by area High School students from four local high schools—the Green School; The High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology; Progress High School; and the High School for Architecture and Design. All this organized by Grand St. BID.

Today the students are installing their designs in case you want to see them in action. The winning design students will win a gift certificate to a local art store. And if YOU vote you can win a $100 gift card! See everybody wins…

But the process of young minds using their imaginations to visualize something, then given the opportunity to apply their creativity and collaboratively see their visions come to life is where the real winning happens.

Mr. Wiggins, an art teacher at Progress HS (who should win a gift card for having the BEST NAME) said this about the contest:


It is great to see our students discover their creativity and develop their confidence through this project, which has also helped them see that hard work, problem solving and collaboration can create something wonderful.  The students are truly inspired and motivated by a sense of pride and accomplishment, though winning would be great too.  It is a great gift for an art teacher to witness all of this development in his students. 

Fellow art teacher at Progress, Ms. Schiff added:

Once a student finds their inner artist, they begin to find themselves.  This project has given them this opportunity.

You will also have the opportunity to get your face painted at Café Chillo (702 Grand St) plus there will be room for discovery with a kids’ scavenger hunt and Santa will be making his way over, plus tons of specials and discounts!

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