Aida Markiw retired from software development to pursue her dream of painting and making beautiful things. The best part (for us) is that these beautiful things are also wearable.

Her company, Llyallya Creations is a one-woman operation.

“I named my company after an endearing Ukrainian word that my husband calls me at times.” Aida explained, “Llyallya in Ukrainian means ‘doll’.”

Aida works with the softest wool, Merino, that she buys from a farm (with grazing sheep, of course) in upstate New York. She then hand-dyes and knits the wool at her home in Brooklyn. She also works with silk, which she hand-dyes using old techniques.

“I love to create one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces for people to enjoy,” she told us, “I do everything myself, at home, with my own hands.”


During the day, Aida paints as much as she can at her Brooklyn home.
“I live in Brooklyn, and I love Brooklyn,” she said, “It is a very large, diverse and inspiring community. I am excited to participate in Greenpointers Holiday Market!”

Check out Llyallya Creations on Sunday at 67 West. 



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