Emily Trower-Young knows skin. She founded Sustainable Shanti as an experiment, giving samples of her personal daily face moisturizer to her family and friends, who kept asking for more. It has since become a full-fledged business.

As a person with super sensitive skin, I know first-hand how important it is to actually be able to understand the ingredients on product labels, when most creams sold in drug stores are made with artificial colors, preservatives, and chemicals. All of Emily’s products are completely (like, actually) organic so if you’re worried about animal testing and environmental impact, look no further.

She describes her face salves as a “face game changer.” It’s made with raw coconut oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree, and lavender…so if that’s any indication, we can guess that it smells heavenly to boot.

We sat down with Emily to get the inside scoop.

Emily, owner of Sustainable Shanty

GP: What got you into the skin care business?

When I was in college, I developed adult acne. A dermatologist prescribed the usual acne medications, but they only created more problems, leaving me with permanently sensitive skin. I began experimenting with oils in an effort to heal my skin naturally and eventually landed on what is now my Sustainable Shanti daily facial moisturizer, “Saving Face Salve”.

GP: What inspires you?

Definitely people. I love getting the chance to interact with customers and really listen to their skin care concerns. Their candid responses guide my new product development and help me to better understand peoples’ needs.

GP: What’s your best seller?

My “Ageless Beauty Kit” is much beloved by women and men alike. It contains the three basic products (an anti-aging serum, a pore-refining mask and the daily facial moisturizer) to give you glowing, younger-looking, healthy skin with very little effort.

GP: Are your skin products eco-friendly?

Emily: I’m so tired of the industry trend to use “organic” as a marketing tool when they don’t walk their own talk! Being handcrafted from only certified organic ingredients, my products are all truly eco-friendly. All my packaging is either recyclable, reusable, post-consumer recycled or biodegradable. Protecting people’s health and our planet’s fragile ecosystem guide every decision I make for the business.

Check out more about Sustainable Shanti on the web and facebook and on 12/8 at our Holiday Market!

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