UPDATE: all Greenpointers who fill out our Pledge Form below (which requires no purchases AKA FREE!) gets entered into our Raffle for our Holiday Market! (Deadline to enter: 12/8/13, 11:59pm)

You all know about the $19.5 Million settlement from Exxon Mobil that is to be used in 11222 for Environmental Funding, right? And you know the proposals are due on 12/18/13, right?

I want to share with you Greenpointers’ project idea called 365 Green Living Pointers and ask for your feedback and pledge for support.

It has always been the goal of Greenpointers to focus on sustainable living right here in Greenpoint. I really believe this project can make a big impact on the health of individuals living in Greenpoint and improve the environment – and it will be super fun and collaborative between local businesses and individuals in Greenpoint – plus there will be prizes!

Each day Greenpointers will post a simple tip (a Green Living “Pointer” – get it?) on Greenpointers.com along with an awesome illustration by our own Libby V who creates the lovely weekly “Recipes Gone Wild Post”.

The tips will give information about easy to make decisions that can help each of us live more sustainably and healthily right here in Greenpoint. Examples: where to drop-off your Xmas tree, DIY home/personal products, no idling near schools, healthy local recipes, energy savings tips, bike safety, local gift giving, opportunities to volunteer in the neighborhood … 365 of them!

At the end we will make a FREE Ebook to download so you can have all the tips in one place to enjoy and we plan to translate the Ebook into Spanish and Polish.

The idea is that if many of us make these small decisions individually – then on a large scale the cumulative effort will greatly impact the environment in our own neighborhood. It’s kind of like math!

But just posting this information isn’t necessarily enough, so we want to work with local businesses to offer a weekly giveaway, like gift certificates to restaurants, tickets to concerts, massages, yoga classes, artwork, etc – awesome incentives for readers to engage and take action.

The Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund wants to see that we have support from the community and that we can also match funds. Matching doesn’t have to be in the form of cold hard cash (but that helps) and can be in the form of services, goods, volunteering, etc.

If you think this project is worthwhile, then pledge your support (at the very least just say YES! you support it) or volunteer to write one of the tips, sponsor a tip, make a monetary contribution, or donate your services or products for one of our weekly giveaways. All of this counts as match funding and we need all the help we can get to make this BIG project happen!

Note: we are not asking for anything now. But if this proposal is accepted (we will know in June 2014 for sure) be assured I will come and shake you down for whatever you promised 🙂

Please fill out the simple form below to show your support.

The budget we are proposing for this project will be used to pay for research, writing and editing of 365 posts, 365 illustrations, Ebook design, daily social media marketing and translation of the Ebook into Spanish and Polish.

Greenpointers will be hosting the entire project and Ebook on our server.

Thanks again for your support. I really believe that we can all make small decisions in our daily lives that can greatly improve the environment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

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