Peter Pan Loves Greenpoint Hipsters!

This awesome 1 Minute Meals video about Peter Pan Doughnuts from Serious Eats NY stars co-owner Donna Siafakas who says that hipsters are wonderful people and before they settled in Greenpoint it was black and white, but now it is more colorful. The doughnut shots are spectacular, too.

About Jen G

After living in NYC my entire life, I found the strongest sense of community in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Running this blog is truly an honor and the best part is meeting its readers in real life. Everyday I am energized by smiles and inspiring conversations with fellow Greenpointers who tirelessly do and create incredible things that are good for our community and share the same love I have for life here. If you see me walking with my little dog "D" - please say hi!


  1. Michael says:

    Cute video. I love Peter Pan…I just wish they would actually have donuts ready to serve before 10 AM! Seems like they rarely do!

  2. John John says:

    That was fantastic

  3. Demetri Siafakas says:

    That’s my mother in this video, and I just want to say…

    Isn’t she the cutest lady ever?


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