Raekwon + Beard Transplants – The Hook Up (2/28)

Fox News Interviews "Hipsters" About Their Beards (this is real life)

This week in local news…..

Raekwon showed up at a Williamsburg fried chicken restaurant to rap abut ice cream.

Building owners are cheating the system by advertising “affordable” housing on obscure government websites that no one can actually find.  And the online applications are only in English, making it more difficult for non-native speakers.  The most recent case is at 59 Orient Ave in Williamsburg, the past home of the Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (random trivia fact to keep in your back pocket). (The Brooklyn Paper)

A guy in Williamsburg built a 1600 sq foot home out of shipping containers and other found materials at 351 Keap Street. Another shipping container condo building, albeit a fancier “luxury” one is being assembled at 2 Monitor St.  (NY Times)

Would you drop $2 million for this “fisherman style” townhouse? (Curbed)

Brooklynites are taking over Berlin, one dance club at a time. (NY Times)

People paid $65 to do yoga and then eat silent dinner at EAT. That sounds all well and good but isn’t it a little pricey, not to mention sweaty before dinner?

The forthcoming Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg has been approved for its very own bar/restaurant, which Gothamist has dubbed “Urban Drunkfitters.”

Oh and you can pay $7,000 for a beard transplant. Yeah. Then Fox News picked up the story.

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Squirrel Appreciation Day Just Got Even Better

Courtesy of @Diehipster
In Honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day, so I drew a picture of a squirrel (left) and our favorite horrible blog Diehipster tweeted this amazing graphic to us along with the following: “Jen don’t say I never did anything nice for you.”

Awe – how sweet! I mean underneath the putrid offensiveness there is a touch (a minuscule touch) of genius.

Jentrification – what a nickname!

I think he is coming around – playing a little nicer at least. Maybe we are just tiring him out. Soon we will be playing Glow In The Dark Kickball together in McCarren Park – like he dreams about every night!

Diehipster, we will save in Speed Friending just for you.

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Peter Pan Loves Greenpoint Hipsters!

This awesome 1 Minute Meals video about Peter Pan Doughnuts from Serious Eats NY stars co-owner Donna Siafakas who says that hipsters are wonderful people and before they settled in Greenpoint it was black and white, but now it is more colorful. The doughnut shots are spectacular, too.

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I Just Want My Pants Back, Tommy

Reader and friend from the ‘hood Marisha emailed me this hysterical little tidbit from The Wall Street Journal on a new MTV show being shot almost exclusively in Greenpoint and how a bartender at Tommy’s Tavern gave them shit – which is pretty awesome.

Another forthcoming series, MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back,” a comedy about four recent college graduates, will be filmed almost exclusively on location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

“Setting it in a place like Greenpoint was really important for me because a key aspect of the show is that you have these two different groups”—trendy 20-somethings and longtime Polish residents—”vying for the same airspace,” said co-executive producer Doug Liman, whose previous work includes directing “Swingers.” “The friction between those two groups is something I was passionate about getting on screen.”

The show’s other executive producer, David Bartis, who is based in Los Angeles, recalled the enjoyable unpredictability of filming on location in New York. He described an incident in which they called the police on an intoxicated bartender at Greenpoint bar Tommy’s Tavern, where they filmed the pilot. The bartender refused to leave the premises, Messrs. Bartis and Liman said, making it impossible for them to continue filming.

Reached by phone, the owner of Tommy’s Tavern, Thomas Kaminski, said their account was inaccurate, though police records confirm that police responded to a call at that location concerning a bartender who was “intoxicated and making threats to crew members.”

“It’s probably one of the reasons why you shoot in New York—because you want to live in a reality that creeps into your production,” Mr. Liman said. “If you look carefully, I’m sure you can see him in the background.”

I couldn’t find any info on when the show is actually going to begin airing, though it sounds like it will either be thoroughly entertaining to laugh at the hipsterificness of it all or infuriating…

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Groovy Kind Of Parade

I personally have a fondness for Phil Collins. Groovy Kind of Love was the song I dedicated to my very first boy crush. Oh wait, second boy crush. I can recall passing notes and lots of giggling. Might’ve been one of my healthiest relationships to date.

Reader Hillary emailed me a couple of quick snaps and The Brooklyn Paper also covered the event. A Phil Collins Parade… I can just imagine how those drivers trying to get through this crowd were freaking out. It’s shit like this that the hipsters do that drive the locals in-fucking-sane. I got no problem with them doing it on the sidewalk but why do they really need to block traffic on a main two way street? If one of them got ran over it would be the drivers fault, right?

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Bedford Ave Is a Circus

I got this email from Matthew Silver, the ringleader of The Bedford Circle of Fools. As a native New Yorker I’m of the opinion that when I see this sort of nonsense on the street I ignore it. It also has hipster written all over it.

But after a little peek on the website and reading the Time Out article, I say what’s wrong with someone going around trying to make other people smile? Not a damn thing. Besides, making the local characters into a circus probably isn’t that much of a stretch now, is it?

I’m making Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn into a circus by slowly weaving the local characters, the people I see there every Sunday, store owners, the street vendors, musicians, artists, rent owners, street roamers, performers in to a positive wacky interactive performance, show, movement. Every Sunday I’ve been posing there as the village idiot and slowly I’ve been noticing other characters, people interact with me in interesting ways.

I got a little press in Timeout NY:


For example every time I dance near the store Earwax, the workers now dump a pail of water on me. To see the cast go to http://www.bcfools.com Check under the link Circus Entourage on the right to see the cast of locals. I’ve also tried to get other performers involved , they are under Fools on the right.

I want to keep the show community based and always at a grass roots level, a positive influence in helping out the community by creating positive attention, my main goal is to reawaken a colorful wacky, funny, street life which seems to be dying. I want to make Bedford Ave. into a village of happy fools where people have the opportunity let out there inner child in public, which is what I’ve been doing.In NY, a city that has unconsciously suppressed itself to sleep, The Bedford Circus of Fools has been called upon by the cosmos to re-awaken the spontaneous creative spirit on public streets. Watch as the colorful locals become gradually weaved into a weekly performance of love, laugh, and wackiness on Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY! Wake up, oh glorious child! Check out http://www.bcfools.com The front page has some of the best pictures and video clips.

Matthew Silver
[email protected]

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Williamsburg VA

Even thought there actually is a Williamsburg in Virginia, this little quip is referring to our neighbor. Seems Richmond is dealing with a hipster plague of their own.

Unfortunately, the recent onslaught of ironic humor in popular culture is frequently enough to rub one’s nerves raw, and Mcdonald’s pieces fall a little flat. (If I see one more hipster kid who’s skinnier and shorter than I am dressed in a Wu-Tang T-shirt and Wranglers, I’ll scream.) Maybe Richmond — which really must rival the über-trendy Williamsburg area of Brooklyn in hipsters per capita — is just inured to this approach to life, making Mcdonald’s efforts to bring celebrity worship and horror movies under the microscope a little tame for our town.

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Naked Guy: The Trilogy

The New York Post reports a follow up.

I feel for the guy. I really do. He’s blaming a panic attack and while I don’t know for sure if it was done for the publicity of it or from a real mental breakdown of sorts, I’m giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.

“Wearing jeans, an olive poplin shirt, and a Boston Red Sox cap, Drimmer clutched the hand of his lady, who wore a big grin, Jackie-O sunglasses and black nail polish.”

Apparently, he’s not just a hipster, he’s part of a hipster couple.

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Naked Guy, Part Deux

Alright, I hate to dwell on Naked Guy but I was reading this which brought me to his blog which I then noticed his MySpace page and the “people he’d like to meet” section.

Playwrights, actors, directors, anyone who has a clue what’s going on in this business of art. God only knows I don’t. People who are unusual but not, y’know, actually crazy. And Rickey Henderson. Who actually might be.

Oh the irony.

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