It is sad to report that early this morning a 32 year old man was hit on Meeker Ave between Frost and Manhattan Ave and died from injuries to his head, according to Gothamist. The driver fled the scene and the investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, do the right thing and call 911.

It’s mind boggling that someone could hit another human being with their car and drive away. Our hearts and with the family of the victim during this terrible time.

Drivers and cyclists, be careful out there.

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  1. Sad news but this will keep on happening as most cyclists I see don’t obey any traffic laws. Everyday as I ride my bike past McGuiness and Nassau, cyclists always go through the red light on that intersection. A few have already been killed in that area and stop blaming drivers, open your eyes and stop running red lights… even if cars aren’t in sight.

  2. It is always sad when a young person dies violently. I certainly hope they catch the motorist but I doubt they will. I came on the scene there just around 4am. I can not understand bycycling i in the rain on a major thoroughfare. I have pictures of the aftermath on my blog. Your publication and all publications may use them giving credit to my blog.

  3. Jen, please update with the following information from Steve Levin via the North Brooklyn Community Group on Facebook: “Hi all, the word that I have gotten from the authorities is that the individual hit the curb on his bike and hit his head without being struck by a car. There is apparently video that shows the incident, according to what I have been told.”

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