Assemblyman Joe Lenthol of North Brooklyn just gave us the lowdown on the new changes from the MTA that will (we hope) improve our transportation options.

L train service will increase during weekday rush hour (8-9am and 7-11pm) by 5 additional round trips, reducing wait time from 5 to 4.5 minutes. The L train will also receive a 20% boost in service on it’s peak Saturday and Sunday hours (9-11pm).

The runt of the MTA litter, Mr. G train, will also get an increase on weekdays form 3-9pm, decreasing wait times from the current 10 minutes, to 8.5, making your commute home a little faster. We’re unsure at this time, why there wasn’t a weekday morning increase, but we’ll take what we can get for now.

Also, for those planning far in advance, the G train tunnel will be closed from Nassau to Court Street for 5 weeks in July 2014, to repair damages from temporary fixes administered after Sandy.

What will you do with that extra 30 SECONDS of free time (that you won’t be wasting on the subway platform)? Read the world’s shortest e-book? Do one push-up? Knit an invisible sweater? The options are endless.


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  1. The G’s schedule in the morning runs every 6 to 8 minutes, whereas its current evening schedule is 7 to 9. The reason for the discrepancy is it depends which direction you’re going; northbound service is more frequent than southbound in the morning, and vice versa. Same is true for every other line: during my commutes to high school, the Manhattan-bound E and F trains were packed and arrived every 5 minutes. My Queens-bound train would be empty and arrive every 10 minutes. I always felt bad for the people taking the F from Brooklyn to Manhattan because they were stuck with (ostensibly) packed trains every 10 minutes.

    Robi, have you noticed the improvements to the Greenpoint Avenue station, like brighter lighting? The MTA is making improvements to the station as a whole, and I think it’s safe to assume that the stations on either side of the tunnel were damaged and eroded by Sandy’s saltwater flooding — though 21st Street always looks like shit, so you’d never guess it got additional damage.

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