Art, beauty, expression. Exhibit: A Salon  (182 Driggs Ave) is the hub of creativity with the seamless blending of a hair salon and art gallery. Get your inner rock maven on with a hair cut starting at $65 for dolls and $40 for gents.

The space reflects these artistic and visions of the three stylists, with a space that feels open for an art viewing but gives clients the feel of a salon on the cusp of daring-but-chic hair ‘dos perfect for a synthesis of music, art, and culture.

Art lined walls, on-point hair cuts, an ear for rock, all with a super sweet staff perfectly compliment Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint.

I chatted with the talented owners Megan, Ashlee, and Alice to pick their brains on hair styling, art, and Brooklyn.

GP: What inspired you to start Exhibit? What were you doing before?

Megan, Ashlee, & Alice: We have all been working in the Williamsburg area for the past few years.  Which, of course, is a mecca for artists. We each have friends and family in the art scene so we wanted to provide a creative space to showcase their work and work of other local artists.  Also, selfishly, we wanted to give ourselves a platform where we could practice our own craft in a stimulating environment.





GP: Art and hair styling seem to be from different worlds, but they’re really about beauty. How do you run the two together?

Megan, Ashlee, & Alice: We look to friends, clients and anyone from the community for our shows.  We have people email us proposals of their work.  We don’t have a set aesthetic for our space and welcome versatility.  So far we have housed photography, paintings and tapestry work.  We encourage artists to utilize the space anyway they see fit.

GP: What is your process for curating art? What is your vision for the gallery?

Megan, Ashlee, & Alice: Hair really is just another artistic medium.  It’s a canvas.  Cutting is simply another form of sculpting, as coloring is akin to painting.  The two worlds are inseparable.

Art by Tyler Lafreniere

GP: Exhibit has a penchant for hairstyling for the art inclined. How do your art sensibilities transcend into beauty and hair?

Megan, Ashlee, & Alice: We think beauty and hair are complimentary to one another.  Because we cater our work to the individual we rely on a varied approaches to achieve the best outcome.  We are all visually creative but have an understanding of functionality with our artistry.

GP: What current artists or works are you drawn to lately?

Megan, Ashlee, & Alice: Everyone here has different artistic palates.  Ranging from contemporary works and tattoo styles, to the classics like renaissance and impressionists paintings.  Even Broadway musicals.  As exhibits rotate through galleries, museums and other art spaces in the city our inspirations are ever changing.

Art by Tyler Lafreniere

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