Unleash Your Inner Vixen at Sanctuary Salon

With the new spring season, you might be thinking of freshening up your look. Whether it’s a simple tweak, a completely new ‘do, or a self-care day full of pampering, treating yourself to some serious hair care should be in your spring refresh.

Photos via Sanctuary Salon

And, that’s exactly what I did at Sanctuary Salon (667 Lorimer St). The eco-friendly and cruelty-free salon is a haven for haircare lovers – the shop exclusively carries Sachajuan products that are environmentally-friendly and aren’t tested on animals. How neat is that?
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The Karcher is Supporting Trans Rights by Offering Non-Gendered Haircuts

The Karcher - non-gendered haircuts
Via Instagram

Nackie Karcher and Madeline Jacobs, who are the Owner and Manager of local salon The Karcher (72 Greenpoint Avenue) have been talking about showing their support for women as well as the LGBTQ community for several months. “Since November and the election we’d been thinking about what can we do. We had pre-printed postcards for people to write their representatives sitting up at the desk for a while. We closed the day of the women’s march. And we’ve been thinking about ways we can use the space, for having community engagement. Being a queer-identified person myself… what can we do to make people feel accepted?” Madeline says.

Yesterday, the salon announced via its Instagram account that they would be offering Non-Gendered haircuts, stating, “We now offer a Non-Gendered Cut service option when booking on our website. We recognize that not everyone fits the commonly used gender binary service options and we want to make everyone feel welcome in our salon.” It was no coincidence that earlier in the day, President Trump tweeted, “After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.” On its Instagram post, the salon continued, “It’s a small action, but in light of today’s attack, we want to #resist how we can. You are welcome here. #transrightsarehumanrights”. Continue reading

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Design Thinking in Hair:  A Bespoke Experience at Bull in the Heather

Tracy Rasmussen at work

For a long time, I didn’t have a hair stylist. Whenever my hair started getting uncomfortably long, I would go to the most conveniently located salon and got a trim. It was usually a simple enough request to not worry about a haircut gone horribly wrong. Then one day I went to a salon whose owner went rogue on me and decided to try out, what she thought was a “cool” style that is good for me. I ended up looking like a female version of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot wiser about who I let handle my hair. Also, my hairstyle preferences have evolved into involving the complexities of perming and coloring. This opens up a greater chance of stumbling into bad hair. But there is a very simple solution to avoiding this problem; Go to someone who knows how to balance one’s personal style while providing some guidance based on their professional experience. And only try a new stylist if highly recommended by a trusted source. That’s how I met Tracy Rasmussen, owner of the recently opened Bull in the Heather (219 Calyer Street). There I discovered the wonders of my new favorite coloring technique, Balayage and left with a natural looking beautiful do. Continue reading

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Half-Price Haircuts for Gingers at Greenpoint’s Kennaland…and Special Discounts for Locals too!!


Having ginger hair, I’ve always felt a connection to other redheads. It’s like the bond you feel when you discover someone else shares the same slightly obscure hobby to you, except that with hair color you don’t even have to engage in conversation to know that you have something rare in common. This is why beaming at each other in the street is frequent practice among gingers.

During a recent event at the Franklin Street Community Garden I met a fellow ginger who also happened to be a Greenpointer and a world-class hairdresser, so naturally I was somewhat excited. Continue reading

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Exhibit: A Salon Takes the Stage

Art, beauty, expression. Exhibit: A Salon  (182 Driggs Ave) is the hub of creativity with the seamless blending of a hair salon and art gallery. Get your inner rock maven on with a hair cut starting at $65 for dolls and $40 for gents.

The space reflects these artistic and visions of the three stylists, with a space that feels open for an art viewing but gives clients the feel of a salon on the cusp of daring-but-chic hair ‘dos perfect for a synthesis of music, art, and culture.

Art lined walls, on-point hair cuts, an ear for rock, all with a super sweet staff perfectly compliment Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint.

I chatted with the talented owners Megan, Ashlee, and Alice to pick their brains on hair styling, art, and Brooklyn.

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Miracles Vintage – This Sunday!

My Mom thinks it is okay to lie to kids. When I was little I wanted curly hair so bad that she would say, “if you eat the crust of your bread your hair will turn curly.” For some reason (because it was a lie!) it didn’t work, but Kristen, my amazing hairstylist at The Parlour Brooklyn somehow manages to cut my hair so it’s curly. It’s a miracle!

This brings me to her Vintage Pop-Up Shop called Miracles Vintage, taking place this Sunday at The Parlour Brooklyn (72 Greenpoint Ave). There will be amazing clothing at reasonable prices (tops $18-25, dress from $35-50) and complimentary mimosas!

Kristen started Miracles with her friend Laura after the two went on a vintage shopping spree in Florida. Aside from doing pop-ups, they have an online Etsy shop.

Kristen just came back from a recent trip to the southwest with three giant suitcases filled with wonderful finds.

Miracles always buys “gorgeous” vintage classic, but it focuses on what is in trendy now, which Kristen calls “pretty 90s:” flannels, crushed velvet, long tight dresses, black lace. Think “Stevie Nix witchy-wear.”  And Miracles cleans and alters to modernize each look.

She keeps up with what is in by following other vintage shop blogs, like Spanish Moss, Vintage Virgin and Nasty Gal. Some local shops that inspire are Shown to Scale in Williamsburg and Mary Myer in Bushwick.

As far as Greenpoint style goes, the ladies are wearing  “comfortable/functional,” Kristen noted, “like crazy shoes with a vintage sundress or and oversized button-down.” And trends we can look forward to on Franklin are “tie-dye and hologram fabric” and “late-90s rave-wear.” I hope that includes glow-sticks.

Like all Greenpointers, Kristen is a woman of many trades. I asked whether vintage buying and hairstyling relate to one another. With both she must “stay on top of what is changing,” but always “recognize classics like a bob or a 60s cocktails dress.”

Miracles Vintage Pop-Up Shop
Sunday April 22, 2012
The Parlour Brooklyn
72 Greenpoint Ave

Miracles Etsy Shop
Miracles Tumblr
Miracles on Facebook

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Freckle is your local skin and hair salon, where nature and technology are blended to bring the best and most effective skin and haircare.

Get ready for Christmas!!!

Freckle is offering a 15% discount for any Dermalogica product or, better yet, 20% discount for Dermalogica when combined with any Freckle’s skin care treatment. Just say “Freckle loves Greenpointers” when at the salon.

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