Bananas–the cheapest fruit for eating and wearing (on your hat)

Dear Dy,

Being short on money, what is your best frugal advice for trying to lead a more healthy life?

Dear “Frugal Health”,

You’ll be surprised how inexpensive it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Look at your diet and food intake and if you’re like most people, you’re likely taking in more calories than you need. More calories will usually equal more money. Eating healthy by incorporating more vegetables, healthy fats and proteins is actually less expensive because you’re nourishing your body with valuable nutrients that will cause you to be more satisfied throughout the day. You’ll actually find yourself eating less.

Again, if you’re like most, you’re probably eating way too many processed carbs and this is actually depleting you of nutrients, which triggers cravings and unnecessary hunger, causing you to eat more and most likely spend more. Look at this closely for yourself to see if this is actually the case.


As for your exercise, there are countless ways to incorporate it without spending a fortune. With all the donation based yoga, daily deal sites, and cheap gym memberships…honestly, there’s no excuse for NOT managing a regular routine! If personal training is more up your alley but out of reach financially, try our Self Training program for only $12 a session.

Yours in health, peace & balance!

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