Eating an entire fish – bone in – is a challenge for me. With the help of my amazing friend Yui, RIP, I got over my fear (her Dad eats the eyeballs and tail), which was the first step. While I’ve now the courage, I lack the skills. I just kind of mush it around into a big mess.

At The Bounty (131 Greenpoint), which opened this past year, I had to try the whole fish – in honor of my friend and because whole fish, if you know what you are doing, can be such a pleasure to eat.

Juliette, our lovely waitress sensed my unease when the fish arrived and said, “Why don’t you give it a try and if you have trouble I can help.” What a sweet heart!

Well I did what I always do and she gracefully rescued my dinner. Juliette carefully fileted the fish perfectly, all the while demonstrating the technique. Don’t ask, I was mesmerized by her British accent and elegant hands.

The fish of the day, Dorade, was extremely fresh but because it was grilled whole it had that sweet flavor of the sea and was lightly seasoned with herbs and lemon. It was served with my favorite summer salad – fresh fennel and grapefruits.


The corn soup as an appetizer was absolutely outstanding.

The dessert special was Far Breton, a first for me, which is a traditional cake from Brittany, France. It was a dense custard cake, which reminded me of Italian Cheesecake.

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