Tomorrow – Tuesday 9/17/13 at 5pm at Borough President’s Courtroom (209 Joralemon St) there will be a Brooklyn Borough President ULURP Public Hearing on Greenpoint Landing & 77 Commercial.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, e-mail your opinions, comments and questions to AskMarty (at)

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  1. I remember when Greenpoint was a family oriented and friendly place to visit, where everyone said “Hello” & “Good Morning/Evening”. People sat on the stoop and talked about their day. You could park you car close to your house. Rents were low but hopes were high. Honesty and respect was taught to the children. If they were told “No” – that was it! No discussion, no arguments. Now all the rents are so high the families that lived there for years can no longer pay the rent & have money for food, let alone the extra money to pay tuition for private schooling! Kids are not only rude to others but especially to their parents with no repercussions. No one smiles, or is polite enough to reply when someone says “Hello” or “Thank you”. With all the “improvements” that have been made in the neighborhood lately, has it really improved anyones quality of life? The more I go back to visit, the more I miss the “good ole days”…

  2. Cannot make the meeting tonight – My shorter comment:

    These developments are Kafkaesque. Despite the numerous negatives of the projects [ from dated ecological assessments, sewage issues, disturbance of tribal lands to segregated entrances for (not-so) “affordable housing” [which by the way is so minimal that they cannot possibly include enough units for all the additional people that will be displaced when the neighborhood becomes yet less affordable in all basic aspects] both developments are simply and unequivocally UNSUSTAINABLE to Greenpoint! The population increase alone is a nightmare of a proposition.

    Lian Calvo Serrano – 14 years on Kent Street [Franklin + Manhattan]

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