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Always classy New York Post did an article on new restaurants in Greenpoint.  Actually, their choices were pretty good.

Read about the drama and hanky panky that transpired at Manhattan Avenue’s 19th century Edwards Hotel. (Brownstoner)

Greenpoint Landing now comes in two flavors: Sailboat Blue and Massacre Red. Did you read about the battle of the renderings?

There’s a Google Glass Art Stalker in Bushwick. (DNAInfo)


The NY Times did an article this week on the 190 member-strong North Brooklyn Boat Club.

And finally, if you didn’t know yet, the NYPD approved the use of  ‘Civilian Patrolling’ in Greenpoint because of the spike in violent crime. What could possibly go wrong with that?


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  1. in response to the civilian patroling. There was a homeless woman, who found a chair on the street, brought it inside inside my gate, and slept there for 5 hours on friday. After catching her going through our mail, I asked her to leave, and she wouldn’t. Called the precinct 3 times over the course of 3 hours, as did my landlord. No police reponse whatsoever. I finally made her leave myself. Its obvious that the police will offer no support in what is becoming an increasingly violent and drug addled neighborhood, and if you want anything done, you cant expect the 94th precinct to do a single thing.

    1. i agree with todd! when i moved to the neighborhood almost 2 decades ago, my neighbors said the 94th precinct was called “the retirement” by cops b/c they never had to do anything. how true, how true.

      calls to the 94th precinct was met with “can you call back? we’re busy.” no joke! one night, 6 thugs beat up a teen in front of my house, around the corner from the 94th. i called. no one showed up. the fight went on for at least 45 min. i’ve heard gun shots, fights, etc. in the middle of the night. if i can hear it, i KNOW the cops can hear it.

      the latest crime on monday night, complete with helicopters circling overhead, is a great example of how the bad guys feel about the cops. they’re victimizing the neighborhood in front of the police station.

      i’m afraid of the potential of an ugly situation with civilian patrols, but someone has to protect and serve our growing neighborhood. perhaps we need to shame the nypd into action.

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