Last year, loyal and daring contributor Peter T got a complimentary spray tan from local Greenpoint business Amber Organic Tan Studio. The tan, as you can see, took Peter from tropicant to tropical!

Marzena recently supported Greenpointers by sponsoring a post and offering readers a discount for her services.

She also offered me a complimentary “Smart Aging” Face and Neck spray (value $50) knowing that tanning is not really my thing. I wear a gold chain with an Italian horn around my neck – I don’t need anything else to scream Queens Guidette while I’m pumping freestyle in Jon’s pick-up truck!

I was really excited to get to put on the tanning goggles and stand in the tan booth though. The deal with the face spray is that it’s “rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help tone and lift the skin. Green Tea boosts immunity in your skin and guava juice gives it a replenishing surge of moisture. Honey moisturizes, nourishes and acts as a mild antiseptic … The Vitamins (A, E, Ester C) are sprayed on your face the same way as a spray tan.”


Let me talk about my skincare regimen. There is nothing to talk about – I wash my face in the morning then put on some moisturizer. I definitely needed this face spray!

The sensation of having my face sprayed was a little weird but not unpleasant and I got used to it after a while. I just thought of dear Peter getting his whole entire body sprayed and chuckled and got face spray in my pie hole.

During the session, I was also getting some nice compliments on my complexion and my high cheek bones? – which never happens in a regular facial. During almost every facial I’ve had I’d been criticized for my dry, sun damaged, broken blood vessel-ey skin. Not a good way to keep me coming back. Tell me I’m beautiful!

It smelled like some kind of moisturizer I would have found in Nonna’s bathroom when I was ten. I used to love to put on her high heeled leather boots (yes she had high heeled leather boots and wore them in her seventies) and put on all her make-up. One day Rocco (my Dad) came to pick me up and I had locked myself in the bathroom and put her dark foundation all over my face to cover my freckles. Another time I did the same and covered the entire bottom half of my face with lipstick. Rocco was horrified both times.

I can’t wait for him to see this photo of me with the tan goggles on!

After the face spray session which took about 10 minutes, my face was shiny for the rest of the day. A glowing face for my complexion is greasy looking but it wasn’t grease it was just the vitamins and wasn’t bothersome.

I will say that my face was very well hydrated and remained that way for a few days. I also didn’t break out or have any negative reaction to the treatment. If you’re looking for a quick and less expensive facial treatment, give this a try and let me know what you think.

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