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Instagram Take-Over: @carnobnoxious


This week’s #greenpointers_takeover is by @carnobnoxious. If you want to take-over Greenpointers’ Instagram for one week in 2014 click here. At the end of the year we plan to show some of the work in an exhibit and a printed zine.

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Instagram Take-Over @Febsmatic

© Fabian Palencia / Instagram @febsmatic

If you follow us on Instagram, you will notice that today begins our 2014 Instagram Take-Over with a very talented Queens born, Gowanus based Street Photographer Fabian Palencia @febsmatic who says about Brooklyn, it’s “the home for cultural awareness.” Continue reading

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Labor-Less: Coffee.Street.Style – Greenpoint


On Labor Day, the sun shone, the clouds showed, and then the showers – showered.  None of which hindered the style of coffee shop goers. On a stroll along Manhattan Avenue, a vibe of ease and labor-less street style was easily identifiable. From sitting solo in a rock easy chair alfresco or huddle for an up-close-and-personal – this was coffee street style on a labor-less Monday.

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#Beautiful_Greenpoint – Send Us Your Photos!

We were really pissed when we saw this post by Brooklyn Magazine that said, “Greenpoint looks like the poorest, most dangerous neighborhood in New York City” based on the results of a stupid poll of people judging neighborhoods based on google street view images. Everyone know those photos are lame.

Last week was such a hard week for us here in 11222, and it felt like they were kicking us while we were down. Let’s show all those bozos who thought Greenpoint is a dump that it is really charming in it’s own gritty and colorful way!

If you follow us on Instagram send the following hashtags #beautiful_greenpointers #greenpointers to @greenpointers.

On Flickr add it to the Greenpointers Flickr Pool.

You can also email us (small jpgs please!) with #beautful_greenpoint in the subject line to greenpointers at

Stay gorgeous, Greenpoint!

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Crazy Brooklyn Deli Sandwich Signs

Nassau Ave & McGuinness Blvd
Graham Ave
Somewhere in Bushwick

We tend to tune out signage because it’s in our face and everywhere but on closer look we can discover interesting collages with distorted and out of proportion deli meats or utterly strange images like singing hams.

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Sunday Snaps: It’s A Cruel – Cruel Spring

Do we all agree that spring sucks this year? Those electric blue skies, humping brown birds, bursting daffodils and even blooming cherry blossoms – but the damn cold won’t quit! Spring, stop sleeping in and get up and go to work! What a lazy season.

Share you Greenpoint snaps with us tag #greenpointers @greenpointers on Instagram.




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