Anti-Violence Project Training at Greenpoint Church – Tomorrow (8/13)

It’s alarming and disheartening to receive daily emails, tweets and facebook messages from Greenpoint residents who are scared because of the recent violent events that have taken place in the area, including a rape, a missing woman and yesterday’s pistol whipping in broad daylight.

Tomorrow – Tuesday August 13, 2013 at 7pm there will be an Anti-Violence Project Training (AVP) at Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton St) on street safety and hate violence. If you identify as a woman or an LGBTQ person, make sure to attend.

AVP’s “trainings and workshops provide participants with information on the impact of hate motivated violence, safety planning strategies, tips on preventing or reducing the impact of violence, information on how to create LGBTQH [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV+] inclusive organizations, and how to support the needs of LGBTQ survivors of violence.”

For more information visit and feel free to email cb at with any questions about the event.

About Jen G

After living in NYC my entire life, I found the strongest sense of community in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Running this blog is truly an honor and the best part is meeting its readers in real life. Everyday I am energized by smiles and inspiring conversations with fellow Greenpointers who tirelessly do and create incredible things that are good for our community and share the same love I have for life here. If you see me walking with my little dog "D" - please say hi!


  1. Sharon says:

    Does Greenpoint have a neighborhood watch in place, similar to this?

    And if not, how would one go about starting a block watch?

    • Terry says:

      Good idea. When I moved to Greenpoint 17 yrs ago, there was some sort of police auxiliary/volunteer patrol, as well as more of a police presence. I felt very safe then. Now in light of today’s home invasions (one across the street from me), I feel we need to take our neighborhood back!

      • Gina Santonas says:

        I agree. Growing up there used to be a neighborhood watch. I think with the influx of new people moving in it may be time to bring that back.


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