Not sure if I ever told you that I participated in a Mastermind Group. I’m not a big fan of self-help or group activities for that matter, but I was drawn to this idea because of the “accountability” element. Anyone can start a Mastermind and you can even give it its own catchy title. Jon coined the term “Vagina Cult” for ours since it was myself and three other talented wonderful women.

We agreed to keep it all confidential: “The first rule of vagina cult, you don’t talk about Vagina Cult,” so I will leave the details and participants out of it, but the main idea is you meet regularly and at each meeting you have a specific amount of time when you talk. It’s timed so you don’t ramble on like a lunatic. Someone takes notes and at the following meeting you talk about whether you have accomplished those goals you set the meeting prior.

I never would have quit my job and taken on Greenpointers full time without my Vagina Cult. I needed the support and advice of super smart people who have tons of skills and experience that is different from my own. Things like figuring out a budget and how much savings I need to live off of for how long before I jump ship. Or how to tune out all the people in your life (ahem Mom) who care about you and therefore have a biased opinion because they want what is best and say things like, “People would kill for that job, Jennifer.”

So I started another Mastermind, this one is art based and we call it Art Fart, and it’s a group of artists who want to reach some specific creative goals. Some of the steps to achieve certain goals are just boring and mundane, like resizing all the photos on my photography website, and if I didn’t have a deadline I would never get around to it -because I have more important things to do, like review Veggies Burgers in Greenpoint.

Our first Art Fart meeting was at Greenpoint Heights (278 Nassau Ave), where I also  reviewed their house made veggies burger. For $12 it’s a homemade patty, white cheddar, caramelized onions, red pepper mayo, lettuce and tomato, served with fries or greens.


The first time I had this veggie burger right after they opened I was disappointed because it had that mush factor, but this time I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very flavorful, almost mushroomy and it was crispy on the outside and moist but not mushy on the inside. The fries are nice and thin and crispy and salty. This veggie burger gets an A!

Until next week…

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