Greenpoint Veggie Burger Diaries: Lokal

Lokal's Pinto Bean & Mushroom Burger

When a reader recommended Lokal’s Pinto Bean and Mushroom Burger, I was excited because shamefully I have never been to Lokal, except for smoothies. The reason: why would I go anywhere aside from Five Leaves when I’m that close?

This was a good reason for me to finally sit down and take it all in. The place had a pleasant vibe and I absolutely loved the shell and sand below the plexi display tables.

Plus, the burger sounded and looked amazing. For $10 it is served with lettuce, tomato and red onions on a grilled brioche bun with hand-cut rosemary steak fries or mesclun salad.

(Just take it off the menu already, I’m never going to get the salad!)

I additionally ordered cheddar cheese, avocado and chipotle mayo: the veggie burger trifecta.

When the burger came I did what all experienced burger eaters do, try the fries. I was not impressed. I hardly got any rosemary and I tasted hot oil more than I tasted fried potato.

The burger was also not that impressive. To be honest, it had a lot of potential, being that it was basically mashed beans and mushrooms, with some bread crumbs and cumin. With essentially a meatball dough, the sky is the limit with flavor! Some more salt would have been a start. Maybe garlic powder, paprika, a kick of cayenne. It was also too thick. Thinner and there would have been more fry surface area. I will say that the brioche was very good.

I ate only half the burger (not a good sign) and wished I just ordered the french toast that my friends were raving about.

More great veggie burgers suggestions in Greenpoint?

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  1. Timsvoice says:

    Enid’s has a great veggie burger. And surprisingly, so does Matchless across the street

  2. stephanie says:

    GREENPOINT HEIGHTS. the very best. hands down.

  3. Elyse W says:

    Brooklyn Label has a good veggie burger! and its HUGE.

  4. Trevs says:

    I like the veggie burger at Brooklyn Label.

  5. Arlette says:

    This isn’t toally specific to your quest because you have to make it yourself, but I saw it this morning and thought you should give it a try!


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