There is always something intriguing going on at Greenpointers HQ, which is the home of Dobbin Project Space (50-52 Dobbin St). When I walked in the door there was a gorgeous array of local flora in the window, part of an exhibition called “Botanical,” presenting new works inspired by the plant kingdom by artist Laurie Sumiye.

“In her installation, Island, Sumiye uses endemic New York grass plants from a local native plant nursery to recreate a patch of wild, uncultivated land — a forgotten bucolic landscape of Williamsburg-Greenpoint. The live grass plants (Scirpus cyperinus, Leersia oryzoides, Carex comosa) represent a homecoming and estrangement; native seedlings are reintroduced to a location where they once grew, but inside a building surrounded by urban industry. Island explores the tension of controlled environments, as well as reflect a specific history and perspective of place.”

The exhibition opens Friday, April 11, 2013 from 6-9pm, and on Saturday from 2:30-5pm there will be live drawing of plants in the nude. ($12 suggested donation)

See you there!


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