This is going to be a hard one. After 40 submissions, the Friends of the Greenpoint Library have selected 4 finalists and it’s time for you to put in your vote to “help” the judges decide which mural will adorn the exterior of the library. This is a survey, and “the results of this vote will help the Friends decide which design would best suit the community and the neighborhood.” Vote here and feel free to leave comments about which mural you want to win and why in the comments section below!

© Kate Nielsen
© Leslie Wood
© Greg Kletsel
© Chris Uphues

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  1. As much as I love Chris’s hearts elsewhere in the neighborhood, it’s a little bland for the library. Regardless of who wins, I vote the “Brooklyn Public Library” sign be more permanently constructed. I remember checking books out from the Brooklyn Pubic library.

  2. None of them. Sorry. I think the exterior should be maintained, not changed. Change the murals to paintings and hang all of them on walls inside. Please don’t mess with the architecture.

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