Remember the last time you walked across the Pulaski Bridge? You likely were almost run over by a cyclist, right? Or were you the cyclist coasting at a rapid pace with no time to break as you approached a halted pedestrian stopped to snap a shot of that breathtaking Manhattan skyline?

Lucky for us, this danger might soon come to an end.

The city is currently in talks to create a separate bike lane for the bridge, providing a more spacious walking route and a safer way for cyclists to cross from Greenpoint to Long Island City. A bike lane would reportedly replace one of the Pulaski’s three southbound car lanes. The current sidewalk is only eight-feet wide for cyclists and pedestrians traveling in both directions.

The only roadblock (pun intended) is the Pulaski’s drawbridge. According to DNAinfo.com, the Department of Transportation will announce a final decision this March. Maybe Greenpointers will have a safe way to head to LIC just in time for ideal spring bike-riding weather.

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  1. They should also make a big shopping mall w/ theater and games! Perfect place should be that building across the street from Dupont park!! :]

  2. I almost never have a near miss on the Pulaski because I walk the shared pathway as if I were driving, staying to the right and looking behind me before passing a slowpoke in front of me. Are those two slight behavior modifications too much to implement for the average pedestrian?

  3. Well there is a bus that gets you between Greenpoint and LIC safely. And watching as you walk, not stopping to take pics in the middle of the walkway. It really is sad that common sense is lacking in this area and we have to pay for it through tax dollars to appease people who lack it. I cross the bridge on occasion and its never an issue if you watch where you go and stop to the side where the “benches” are to take the pic or talk with people. Yes not convenient but what you should be doing.

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