While we don’t have any actual business affiliations with Bushwick Daily, I feel like it’s a sister site to Greenpointers because the same love and enthusiasm we try to bring to our audience about Greenpoint, Bushwick Daily brings to its readers about Bushwick. The website is fantastic, Editor Katarina is a true comrade, and the mutual support we share is inspiring and helps us both grow.

This Sunday 12/16, Bushwick Daily is celebrating 2012 with a photography and music show at Brooklyn Fire Proof (119 Ingraham St) from 6-9pm. The show titled Bushwick 2012 will feature 14 photographers in the largest contemporary photography exhibition yet, plus live music.

Admission is free, but it is a fundraiser and I just LOVE the what Katarina wrote about why it’s important to support:

Because it takes 400+ hours every month to create Bushwick Daily in its current form. The team of editors and contributors is dedicated to bringing you 3-5 posts every working day containing plenty of original writing and photographs. We curate your art, music and cultural guides every week making sure that excellent events don’t stay undiscovered. We bring you features of local artists, businesses and galleries. In other words, our mission is to spread the word about this incredible eclectic neighborhood in all its richness.

Enough said. See you there!



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