According to a Greenpointers reader:

Five women in Bushwick have been attacked in the past week. The attacker is tall, medium build, Hispanic, wearing a hooded jacket. He grabs the women in the dark from behind and slams them against a building wall, covering their mouths so they can’t scream. He has attacked several women on Knickerbocker Ave., on White St, Bushwick Ave, & Moore St (near Roberta’s). We only know of 5 women attacked so far, but the actual number is quite possibly much higher.

There is nothing in the news or the police blotter so please help spread the word to keep you and your loved ones safe & do not travel alone in Bushwick after dark.

I also just heard about an attack on Wythe & N11th last week…we may have a loose cannon on our hands, thought you’d want to know & get the word out.

 I forwarded the information to Bushwick Daily’s Katarina who reported that NYPD said, “there were no sexual crimes reported in Bushwick in the past week, which however doesn’t exclude other violent crimes.”


Bushwick Daily’s Advice: Call Brooklyn Bike Patrol if you are not feeling safe at 718-744-7592, they will escort you home.

Will keep you posted as we find out more information.

Be safe, Greenpoint!

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