Looking for a way to help out with storm response here in Greenpoint?  I need your help!  Tomorrow, Saturday November 3, the Parks Department is doing a lightning-fast survey of the whole city to get a clear and comprehensive picture of which streets are blocked to emergency vehicles.  I’m coordinating the survey for a section of North Brooklyn, and I could use your help in inspecting a few of these areas.

Here’s the map of the general area.  In that, I’m taking care of 3011A, 3011B, 3012A, 3012B, 3013A, and 3013B.

All you need to do is look at each street in one of those sections and mark whether it’s passable (can a fire truck get down it?) or not.  I estimate a section would take 1-2 hours to complete.  If you can pitch in or have questions, please contact me at petertiso (at) gmail (dot) com or meet us at the north corner of McCarren Park (The corner of Lorimer and Nassau, across from Five Leaves) at 9 AM.

Thank you very much for your time!

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