Getting Around NYC From Greenpoint Post Hurricane Sandy – Updates

Here is an alarming map of the NYC transit system created by Zach Van Schouwen (Via Gothamist) and here is a link to the actual MTA Map, which is not as easy to read.

As you can see, there is no G at all and no L service into Lower Manhattan.

Updates: (via @NYCMayorsOffice)

– NYC Schools Closed Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday

– Buses will run on regular routes. Be prepared for detours, substantial waits and crowding.

– Limited East River Ferry Service resumes tomorrow 7 AM from Fulton Ferry Landing, N. Williamsburg and LIC to E. 34th Street and Pier 11 (No India St)

–  Four East River bridges restricted to vehicles with 3 or more people for Thursday and Friday, 6AM to midnight.

– New Yorkers should throw away any food, including packaged food, that was touched by flood water.

– Water is safe to drink.

– Parks remain closed

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  2. Kerry Kramer says:

    Still no power on Vandervoort Avenue below Lombardy Street. No emergency crews or Con Edison for that matter. We were told could be up to 10 days before power is restored. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    Love the Blog!



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