Getting Around NYC From Greenpoint Post Hurricane Sandy – Updates

Here is an alarming map of the NYC transit system created by Zach Van Schouwen (Via Gothamist) and here is a link to the actual MTA Map, which is not as easy to read.

As you can see, there is no G at all and no L service into Lower Manhattan.

Updates: (via @NYCMayorsOffice)

– NYC Schools Closed Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday

– Buses will run on regular routes. Be prepared for detours, substantial waits and crowding.

– Limited East River Ferry Service resumes tomorrow 7 AM from Fulton Ferry Landing, N. Williamsburg and LIC to E. 34th Street and Pier 11 (No India St)

–  Four East River bridges restricted to vehicles with 3 or more people for Thursday and Friday, 6AM to midnight.

– New Yorkers should throw away any food, including packaged food, that was touched by flood water.

– Water is safe to drink.

– Parks remain closed

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#Sandy Landfall Imminent; Updates

As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, approaching at around 30mph with wind speeds up to 90mph, we have not yet seen the worst of the storm.


We can’t stress enough to stay inside!

Any standing water from East River or Newtown Creek overflow should be considered unsafe due to raw sewage releases in the local waterways. More info.

Updates (via Mayor Bloomberg)

• Public Schools Closed Tomorrow

• MTA Closed Tomorrow

• All East River Bridges Closed Tonight at 7pm

• Expect power outages

• Expect Severe Flooding (especially from 8:15pm-10:30pm tonight)

• No deaths resulting from Sandy in NYC

A reporter asked about potential environmental consequences of Gowanus area flooding given the toxic nature of the waterway. The Mayor did not respond specifically to environmental impacts, just said the water will rise and recede. He passed it on to another official who said, “We don’t think there is any immediate danger to anybody… We’ll clean it up like anything else.”

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Don’t Be Stupid; Stay Home #Sandy Updates

Unless you are in Zone A, stay home. 

Unless there is a life threatening emergency (beer runs, don’t count) it is extremely important that you stay home.

UPDATES: (via Mayor Bloomberg) 

• Schools Closed Tuesday

• Shelters are accepting pets!

• Homeless Outreach Ongoing

• Many areas already flooded

• NYC Transit Remains Closed

• Battery Tunnel & Holland Tunnel Closed at 2pm

Many local businesses are staying open, but public safety, which includes customers and employees comes first.

Don’t encourage customers to come out in this dangerous weather and please send employees home.

Why should you stay inside?

Trees can fall, you can be hit by debris, power lines falling near you can electrocute you and streets may flood. (Who knows what is in that water?)

Don’t care about your own safety?

Think about rescue workers who MUST be out serving the public dealing with real emergencies. By going out, you run the risk of injury and adding to the already countless problems emergency workers must take care of.

Stay home. Be safe.

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Updates: Greenpointers on Speed

Since much of the reason we were able to afford this brand spanking new website is because of community support, business sponsorship and generous fundraising, I’d like to keep everyone in the loop about what is going on with our big baby!

You might have noticed after we launched that the website was running slowly. Thanks for your patience while we sorted out this issue!

Problem solved: With the help of CommandC, we migrated the website to a new and super fast server. There was a significant cost ($655!) to complete this. If you love the website and want to chip in, please make a donation to our new website fund. Any amount (even $1) helps.

In order to figure out why the website was at a snail’s pace, a significant time was spent testing it. If you want to geek out for a minute (this is super valuable to anyone who has a website or blog), here is what the web geniuses explained:

Continue reading

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