TRUE GIVING Yoga– By Human@Ease

Donation based yoga is still the hottest workout out there. It has morphed into a social phenomenon in which tons of people come together to achieve fitness & well being.  Student donations make yoga affordable for all to bring wellness to all.

Human@Ease aims to create a donation based yoga program where people give what they can during class and a percentage of revenue is given to a local charity.  TRUE GIVING makes donation based yoga even better, keeping wellness affordable, and giving to local charities to further spread the love.

“We take care of our bodies through fitness, why should we stop there? With this program students not only benefit but we get to help others in the process.”  – Alexander Smith (Human@Ease Trainer)

Students will vote at the end of each class for which organization to donate.  This way each student will know where their donation is going and how it is helping out the community.  What is better than being able to help others as we work to improve ourselves?


Human@Ease would like to welcome you to visit the gym.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our TRUE Donation Yoga program at Human@Ease Fitness and Wellness Center located at 31 Nassau Ave.

For more info contact Dishan Elise at Human@Ease: 718.388.2900 or

Sponsored post courtesy of Human@Ease.

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