You know it’s bad to stay out late and dance all night on a school night. But you just can’t help yourself!

Greenpointers is throwing a Toxic Codependent Halloween Dance Party at Greenpoint Heights (278 Nassau Ave) October 31, 2012 at 9pm. Music by Mr. NYSE.

Partner up as the most sick and twisted, messed up couple you can think of!

Ex. Adam & Eve, Mitt & Binders, Fat Hipster & Skinny Jeans, Lucy & Desi, Olsen Twins, Mayor Mike & Plus Size Soda, Tom & Jerry, Bonnie & Clyde, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man…


Come on… everybody’s fucked up.

Pair up platonically, romatically, gayfully, straightfully or all that’s in between.

Don’t have a partner? Use a prop – duh! (Think raccoon in a garbage can.)

Or come alone and meet the person of your demented dreams!

Last year my friend made out with a chicken! Awesome!

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