I was looking forward to yesterday’s storm, as my plants (and I), needed a little reprieve from the heat. It started rolling into Greenpoint around 3pm, and I moved some of the smaller plants with lighter pots inside for protection. Those winds were fierce!

scary clouds over greenpoint.

The storm went on for a few hours, with shocking claps of thunder and loud bursts of lightning. Henry the cat, the brave little that dude he is, sat watch on the kitchen table.

A glimmer of sunshine arrive around 6pm, and it remained calm for the rest of the evening.

rain drops on the window.

I went outside to check on the plans I thought were tough enough to handle it.

sad things.

I think I have my work cut out for me this weekend.

In other pathetic news. My summer squashes are not doing so well. Any advice?

I think they need more space?

Leave your condolences in the comments.

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