On my daily business card trolling I was attracted to this bright pink card that said “Goodfoot” on the front with a pirate on the back and a bunch of words – usually a turnoff. Upon further inspection, Goodfoot is an editorial copywriting service, so all them words make sense.

Logging onto the website, I was greeted with that pink peg legged pirate. I am no web designer, but there was awfully a lot of white empty space next to the web pirate before I can get down to “the skinny,” as one of her cute roll over web buttons reads.

On her “who the heck” page she writes: “My passion for language inspires me to think big thoughts, like why certain foods are synonymous with insanity (bananas, nuts, crackers), and which punctuation is best for e-mailing happy faces.” I like this lady. Among her copy editing service tasks she can fix flawed logic and do fact checking.

I guess it isn’t safe to assume she is a girl, but all that pink?  Further stalking proves me right, but I have to go to linked in to find out; she doesn’t reveal her identity on her website and the contact page has one of those email forms, which make me grumble. Just tell me who you are! If you are going to be editing all my perverted love letters, we should establish trust from the start.


I think this is a great service. Nowadays, with this whole interweb thing, we rush through writing and depend on autocorrect, which does strange yet beautiful things to words, like when my phone was correcting photo to porno. “Sorry boss, I can’t make that meeting because I will be on a porno shoot.”

Maybe I should find out what her hourly rates are since I depend on faithful readers to correct some of my more idiotic mistakes. Like my post calling for contributors, I explained that as editor I would be correcting grammer. It’s spelled grammar. Thanks Sherry!

As she explains, “to write or even speak English is not a science but an art.” Agreed. And I have seen some crappy art, so if you need to write something important, something life changing, this service is invaluable. You can’t tweet your way into a new job or a publishing company, or can you?

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  1. Jen! Sherry! She is me! I am she! We are one! Thank you so much for the shout-out. I should have Googled myself 6 months ago, eh? Duh. I’m soooo happy you liked my attempt at marketing myself. What’s a freelancer to do? If you appreciate my humor—you obviously have HUGE lower frontal lobes—there’s a bit more of me on my blog. Please enjoy and say hi! http://goodfooteditorial.wordpress.com/

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