New Parents: Shake, Rattle and Roll at the Greenpoint Rattled Expo!


Find out about the best baby products at Rattled Expo!

NYC’s raddest baby + family fair,Rattled Expo, will take place in Greenpoint on Sunday, August 24! Combining an eclectic mix of eco-friendly baby products, modern ideas and services for new parents, Rattled Expo is a unique event for young, urban families who appreciate eco-conscious, stylish, locally made goods.

The carefully curated marketplace will include new/vintage kids’ clothing, nannies, playgroups, doctors, music/art lessons, schools, handmade toys, diaper services, doulas and more!

Kids (and perhaps some adults) will enjoy free face painting from Brooklyn Balloon Company and an open juice bar courtesy of Bundle Organics. Food samples, live music, games and raffle prizes all day!!!

Adults $5, Kids free! The Warsaw, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, Sunday August 24, 12pm-4pm; Rattled Expo

Sponsored Post Courtesy of Rattled Expo

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B.E.S.T. Summer Slim Down


The sun is shining brighter, the days are getting hotter, and in just a few short months, we will be baring all in the Rockaways – or McCarren Park for that matter!

Want to learn how to get those surfboard abs, beach beauty biceps and bikini butt lift?

This Summer get schooled on your beach/park body basics with [email protected]’s B.E.S.T. SUMMER SCHOOL SLIM DOWN, a 12-Week Fitness Challenge designed to get you fit and ready to rule the pool.

Includes: Gym Jump Starter Kit, Organic Brunch Classes, and Challenge Prizes

STARTING: June 1st

Learn more and apply here.

Sponsored post courtesy of [email protected].

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“Take care of your skin now— it will pay you back later!” – Amber Organic Tan Studio – Discount!

Amber Organic Tan Studio is fully dedicated to the art and science of a safe and 100% organic tan as well as healthy and well-maintained skin. Our motto is “take care of your skin now— it will pay you back later!”

Using a 100% organic tanning formula and FDA-approved ingredients, we promote the best alternative to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from tanning beds or overexposure to the sun. If you’ve been thinking that you can’t have skin that is both young and tan, think again! Our clients can enjoy a healthy, year-round skin glow without worrying about harmful UV rays, chemicals, premature aging or skin cancer.

For the month of July and August we offer a 10% discount to every first-time-client that shows up in our Greenpoint Studio as well as a 50% discount on our “Smart Aging” cocktail of vitamins applied to one’s face and neck area.

For more info check our website and Facebook 

Sponsored post courtesy of Amber Organic Tan Studio.

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Attention Filmmakers & Photographers: CSI Rentals Is Now Open in Brooklyn!

CSI Rentals‘ Grand Opening of its 2nd location – now open in the Williamsburg-Bushwick Area of Brooklyn, New York – is located at 1138 Flushing Ave, only 1 block from the L train (Jefferson St. / Wyckoff Ave. Stop)

You asked, we listened. The popular fast growing art and photo neighborhoods of Bushwick, Williamsburg and Greenpoint have become the home of many young professional photographers, movie makers and artists. In addition to the new look of the neighborhood with new restaurants, bars and clubs opening daily on every corner, many commercial sites are now occupied by state of the art photo studios and sound stages.

Here is CSI Rentals to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle in the area – equipment rentals and expendables!

CSI Rentals, who has earned a sterling reputation at its NYC Location by serving the photo and video industry for the past 5 years with the latest gear, is now adding an additional location in the Williamsburg/Bushwick area with a full stock of rental equipment for photo video and cinema shoots. CSI Rentals Brooklyn will also feature a full stock of expendables needed for photo and video shoots including a full line of seamless paper, foam boards, gaffers tapes, gels etc.

CSI Rentals Brooklyn is located in the heart of Brooklyn’s art and photo industry at 1138 Flushing Ave, which is 1 block from the L train (Jefferson St / Wyckoff Ave Stop).

It’s at ground level with convenient loading options, lots of parking space, truck drive in for easy load and unload and also offers delivery and pick up in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

CSI Rentals now offers One Way Rentals where you can pick up at one location and return to another at the same rate!

Stay tuned for our great grand opening event!

CSI Rentals Brooklyn and CSI Rentals Manhattan Are now open ready to serve you.

Sponsored post courtesy of CSI Rentals.

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Williamsburg Therapy Group


A Full Service Mental Health Collective

Finally, residents of Williamsburg and Greenpoint no longer have to travel to Manhattan to find quality mental health care. As the Williamsburg Therapy Group continues to expand, it is proud to offer one of the first full-service therapy collectives to serve the growing North Brooklyn community. The practice was developed by Dr. Daniel Selling to meet the needs of this dynamic and vibrant neighborhood, brightening the lives of local residents in need of mental health care.

Williamsburg Therapy Group is a growing practice staffed with top doctoral-level psychologists and psychiatrists with years of experience in both private and public spheres of the mental health profession. Dr. Selling and his group, which includes Dr. Maureen Lindmeier, Dr. Jacob Kaplan and consulting psychiatrist Dr. Jason Hershberger, incorporate tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Solution Focused Therapy and Psychoanalytic Theory to provide patients with customized and practical solutions to achieve a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Areas of practice include:
Anxiety & Depression
Severe Emotional Conditions

For more information and to set up an initial consultation, click here.

Williamsburg Therapy Group
64 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
contact (at)
(347) 765-0904

Sponsored post courtesy of Williamsburg Therapy Group.

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Pick A Card: Goodfoot

On my daily business card trolling I was attracted to this bright pink card that said “Goodfoot” on the front with a pirate on the back and a bunch of words – usually a turnoff. Upon further inspection, Goodfoot is an editorial copywriting service, so all them words make sense.

Logging onto the website, I was greeted with that pink peg legged pirate. I am no web designer, but there was awfully a lot of white empty space next to the web pirate before I can get down to “the skinny,” as one of her cute roll over web buttons reads.

On her “who the heck” page she writes: “My passion for language inspires me to think big thoughts, like why certain foods are synonymous with insanity (bananas, nuts, crackers), and which punctuation is best for e-mailing happy faces.” I like this lady. Among her copy editing service tasks she can fix flawed logic and do fact checking.

I guess it isn’t safe to assume she is a girl, but all that pink?  Further stalking proves me right, but I have to go to linked in to find out; she doesn’t reveal her identity on her website and the contact page has one of those email forms, which make me grumble. Just tell me who you are! If you are going to be editing all my perverted love letters, we should establish trust from the start.

I think this is a great service. Nowadays, with this whole interweb thing, we rush through writing and depend on autocorrect, which does strange yet beautiful things to words, like when my phone was correcting photo to porno. “Sorry boss, I can’t make that meeting because I will be on a porno shoot.”

Maybe I should find out what her hourly rates are since I depend on faithful readers to correct some of my more idiotic mistakes. Like my post calling for contributors, I explained that as editor I would be correcting grammer. It’s spelled grammar. Thanks Sherry!

As she explains, “to write or even speak English is not a science but an art.” Agreed. And I have seen some crappy art, so if you need to write something important, something life changing, this service is invaluable. You can’t tweet your way into a new job or a publishing company, or can you?

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When you get your veggies this morning at the Green Market, it will be hard to miss the runners competing in the McCarren Park Track Classic, but take a closer look and you might run into this guy, the Wandering Tortoise Messenger, who provides word of mouth messenger services. Before you start making fun of him and calling him a hipster, remember that hipsters are too cool to wear turtle hats.

In this day and age, when everyone is hunched over their cell phones walking into telephone polls, this guys is willing, like a taxi, to transport your message to any borough in New York City. The best part is he doesn’t take cash, only trades. That day he scored a trade for eggs and bread. Not too shabby. At the Green Market, that could easily run $15.

My brain started to run through all the possibilities. Dirty Talk? Marriage proposals? Make-ups? Break-ups? Divorce? Cursing someone out? Tell me! The service is confidential, but without revealing a name, he said he delivered a rental agreement from a tenant to landlord. That is a pretty strange way to tell your new landlord your moving in.

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Feeling plump? It’s only going to get worse…

There is an absurd tradition in my Sicilian American family to precede a giant holiday meal, like Thanksgiving, with a giant pasta dish. This year it was my Nonna’s so called “last lasagna.” A doom and gloom mentality is a typical trait in any old Sicilian woman. So is making a lasagna that somehow bypasses the “brain tells stomach to stop eating” mechanism.

For most of us, Thanksgiving is the first of many upcoming family force feeding sessions and I am already doing the cram dance to get into my jeans. Instead of buying a size up and letting the holiday feeding frenzy rule me, I am taking charge and for the next twelve weeks am getting my butt (literally – it’s huge) into major shape with the help of fitness trainer and life coach Dishan at [email protected].

My version of working out is a warm up walk to the cafe, an espresso, run for a couples of miles, then forget to stretch or hydrate. I need professional help!

On my first day Dishan took my weight (120 lbs) and my body fat (17.4% – Can you guess where all the fat is stored?) and these embarrassing BEFORE photos of me, which after 12 weeks will hopefully reveal a toner, stronger and less junk-in-the-trunk Jen.

It will be as much of a challenge for Dishan, who has over 15 years of experience training, as it will be for me, given that I’m not in horrendous shape. It’s much easier to see dramatic results in someone who needs to lose a lot of poundage. Our goal is to keep my body fat stable and increase my lean muscle mass. I don’t want to lose weight but rather build muscle.

Did you see the ladies arm wrestling video? I am a wimp, especially in my upper body, and my goal is to rule bitches and wimpy dudes during the next competition.

Problem: I hate gyms! But [email protected] is different. It’s a zen gym, no annoying house music and no muscle heads. With no more than four people using the machines at a time and a staff member there help, it’s very peaceful. Plus there are loads of classes like yoga and zumba.

Dishan introduced me to Introversion Strength Training, her own meditative approach. It’s done for 30 minutes once or twice a week. That’s it! It strengthens and tones by doing high intensity weight training on machines with ultra slow repetitions until just before muscle fatigue. And it’s a self-training method, which means you learn how to do it yourself.

But what about the cardio? After each set I was profusely sweating, my heart rate was elevated and I was majorly out of breath. Dishan explained that your heart and lungs support your muscles, so the cardiovascular systems has no choice but to get stronger to accommodate the improvements of the muscular system. And by increasing the intensity of your workout you can decrease the frequency, which is perfect for me because I need time to write for this blog!

My first few workouts have been tough but very energizing and motivating and I hope to be able to do at least one chin up by the end of my twelve weeks.

The whole workout was a mini life coaching session wrapped up in a high intensity workout delivered by the most adorable, lively and fun person, who can do chin ups like a champ!

Lately I have been so busy and overwhelmed and feeling like, “I can’t go on!” That is the same way I felt on my last repetitions.

“Just one more,” Dishan said.
“I can’t!” I said while horribly contorting my face and grunting. (against the rules!)
“Yes you can, Jen. Just try.”

But I could! When I accomplished what seemed to be the last impossible rep, it was like jumping over a mini life hurdle that left me buzzing and inspired to accomplish other things I think I can’t do.

When it was all over I relaxed in the infrared detoxifying sauna. Try it! It improves your complexion, helps fight off colds and is supposedly a good hangover cure. The price is right at $15 for 30 minutes, too.

Check back in 12 weeks for what I hope are not as extremely embarrassing AFTER photos, and I will be wearing neon yellow bike shorts instead.

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