Remember when we introduced you to Toby, who was opening a new “wine on tap” bar and restaurant where the old Gypsy Tavern was. It is open! And he sent Greenpointers the menu.

Things I plan on mouth-shoveling: Truffled Egg with Fontina and Asparagus, Porcini Bruschetta, Pizza Fritta with Sopressata. And of course, the espresso and the wine!

Stay tuned for a full review.

159 Greenpoint Ave


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      1. I read your article and finally had a chance to try it out last night. First of all , as someone who lives and owns property in Greenpoint for over 25 years , I will never go out on a Friday night in my neighborhood again!
        The place is so cute, but upon entering no one greeted or even acknowledged us. Finally the poor girl behind the bar, who was doing everything, maybe even cooking came over. I enjoyed the wine…but our pizza came out ice cold.. unacceptable ..the owner needs to have a staff. We sent it back to be reheated, it was okay. They were very nice and brought us complimentary dessert. Would I go there again? Not my first choice..maybe , during the day.. Please get some people to work in your restaurant!

        1. Fridays are pretty slammed in general. We always go out super early like 6pm to make sure we never wait and that service isn’t too slow. This is Toby’s first restaurant and it has not been open very long so I tend to give any new place a break… AS LONG AS THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS! They usually have a lot of kinks to work out. Thanks for your comments!

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