This is my Dad, Rocco. Yes, he is giving you the finger over grilled spiral sausage and hot dogs. I learned not to be embarrassed after he came to every high school basketball game and was my own personal Sicilian cursing cheerleader. I love my Dad more than anything in the world! He gave me his stomach. (That’s a weird Sicilian phrase that doesn’t translate well, but means I am a good eater.) And it’s because of him that I am a photographer and an unapologetically inappropriate curser and middle finger giver.

For father’s day, what do I get for the man who says, “I got my dog, what else do I need?”

In this fine town, there are a lot of great gifts, but edible gifts are the best, and the first and easiest thing that comes to mind in Greenpoint is Kielbasa! Right down the road on Nassau is Steve’s Meat Market (104 Nassau Ave). If you’re on the “other side” check out Kizka Meat Market (915 Manhattan Ave). I hear they have a mean Babka, too.

If Dad is visiting for the weekend, take him to Christina’s Polish Restaurant (853 Manhattan Ave); the cheese blintzes served with fruit are clinically proven digestifs for smoked sausage. And if he is the kind of guy who likes to order the hungry man’s special, share the Grilled Plate For Two from Karczma (136 Greenpoint Ave.) with him. For $22.00 you get: Polish Kielbasa, Blood Sausage, Chicken Breast, Fresh Ham, Salmon and Bacon, plus Roasted Potatoes. If that doesn’t send your old man right to his grave, I don’t know what will.

If you are super cheap, take him to Northside Bakery (190 Nassau Ave), where you can get kielbasa, pierogis, a side of beets, plus blintzes for 2, for less than $15.


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