I know I talk about the weather a lot, but this is a column about gardening, so deal with it! So, did you guys see the weather forecast this week? I mean, actually pull it up on your iPhone and look at it? It made me want to curl up in bed with Henry Littleboots and all the delivery burritos in the world and never be heard from again.

But alas, my garden needs me! So what is one to do when life hands her the weather equivalent of an entire lemon tree? Plant flowers, of course!

This week I headed to – where else – World of Flowers and picked up some new seeds: Cosmos, Chinese Lanterns, and Calendula — all red, orange, and yellow. My flowers are going to be so fashion forward!

I love having fresh flowers in the house, and frankly, it doesn’t make any sense for me to purchase them when I can grow them in my tiny garden.

Have you planted any flowers this year? How are you coping with the rain?

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weather photo c/o Buzzfeed

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