Letterpress Cards @ the one well

Calm down because you have one day left not to be a jerk to your Mom. A simple phone call is nice. “Good morning, thanks for birthing me!” And hugs are really sweet.

Cards & gifts are good, too. And food! Nothing says “thanks for putting up with all my crap” better than a delicious meal!

Don’t go buy a soulless hallmark card, make one. You can get all the glue sticks and crayons you need at Jam’s Stationary (835 Manhattan Ave) or buy a handmade card. the one well 165 Greenpoint Ave) has an assortment of recycled paper letterpress greeting cards ($4-$6).

Mermaid Box @ Old Hollywood

Mom likes to read? Check out Word’s April Top 10 Bestseller list for some ideas.

I’m sure she loves wine! Get her a nice red from Dandelion Wine (153 Franklin St) or sign her up for Wine 101 ($55) at The Brooklyn Kitchen (100 Frost St.)


Boxes make perfect Mom gifts; they’re great for stashing jewelry, pills and lottery tickets. Check out this adorable Mermaid Box ($32) from Old Hollywood (99 Franklin St.)

Vase @ Vintage Modern

Vintage Modern has this really pretty striped stoneware vase ($125) for that gorgeous bouquet Mom deserves for all those temper tantrums you threw (or still throw) in the supermarket.

Fill it with cut flowers from the Dutchmills Gardens stand at the Greenmarket. If she doesn’t have a greenthumb, Brandywine Gardens sells pretty cacti and other succulents. Too hung over to make it to the market on Saturday? Head over to the Greenpoint Florist on Sunday (703 Manhattan Ave.)

Hayseed's Big City Farm Supply

If she has her own garden, check out Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply’s Mother’s Day Special for $60 (218 India St.)

Bad allergies or the rotten cat you left her is a plant murderer? Flowers might not be a great idea, so pick-up scented oil from Genie in a Bottle at Kill Devil Hill (170 Franklin St.)

And of course food is always a great idea, especially for the person who has fed you since the day you were born. Cook for her! Here are a few quick and easy recipes.

Genie in a Bottle @ Kill Devil Hill

Sink filled with dirty dishes? Take her out to brunch or dinner. My Mom absolutely loves Fives Leaves but if the wait is too long, head over to Nights & Weekends and enjoy the delicious Croque Signora Sandwich or check out the new Bellwether (594 Union Ave.)

How about a picnic in the park? I hear that the Lobster Joint will deliver to McCarren! Or get a yummy cheese and salami spread from Eastern District (1053 Manhattan Ave.)

Cheese @ Eastern District

Take her out to dinner. My favorite, The Greenpointer pie from Paulie Gee’s (60 Greenpoint Ave) always hits the spot, or the Cola Dorada, braised oxtail with rice and beans from Cafecito Bogota (1015 Manhattan Ave.) Give her an authentic Greenpoint experience on a budget with a BYOB dinner at the eclectic and delicious Lomyzynianka (646 Manhattan Ave.) Get pierogies and get them fried! The cheese filled blintzes for dessert are killer!

I know that Mother’s Day seems like another consumeristic holiday, but she actually made you alive, which is a big deal, so a small token of gratitude once a year is the least we can do. And keep it local silly!

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