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If Greenpoint could get any more awesome, there is a boat house in the works at the tip of Manhattan Ave. Greenpointers was at the first meeting and ALOT has happened since then. This crew doesn’t drag it’s feet and already have been taking to the waters. Board member Jens Rasmussen gave us some updates.

If you want to learn more or join the club, attend the meeting tonight, Tuesday April 3rd, 2012, 8pm at the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club (59 Kent Ave.)

GP: What is the overall goal for the boat club?
Jens: Have fun and make the world a better place.

GP: What is your role in the boat club?

Jens: I’m a board member, steering committee member, and facilitator for the communications group. (I’m also restoring a 1930 wood canvas Old Town Canoe.)

GP: How is planning coming along?
Jens: Amazing! Superb! and many other superlatives. We are thrilled and honored with the support that we’re receiving from local residents, business owners, foundations, and other community organizations. They’ve all provided the foundation for us to be able to build quickly on.


GP: When will the boathouse be up and running?

Jens: By many standards we already are. Members of our steering committee have already launched boats from our interim site and we are collaborating on exciting projects with the Newtown Creek Alliance, Newtown Creek Armada, Newtown Pippin Project, and LaGuardia Community College.

GP: Is it members only? How many members? Is there a membership fee?

Jens: Short answer. No. But as you may have heard – Membership has it’s privileges! But there will always be ways to participate as non-members. We are a community boathouse. We’re currently are seeing about 30-40 people at our monthly meetings, and expect that number to grow quickly as our activities intensify at the boatyard. There will be a membership fee for those who would like to support us and/or would like the privilege of being able to take out club boats on their own schedule.

GP: When will members be able to take kayaks out realistically?

Jens: Members that qualify under our safety guidelines are already taking boats out. We expect a larger number to be at that level by the end of the summer.

GP: Will there be classes? Training?

Jens: Yes, some are already planned and more are in the works. We have a strong education component.

GP: Have you been able to raise money for the boat club?
Jens: Yes. We’re currently using a $20,000 grant from the Hudson River Foundation to make our first equipment purchase.

GP: What have been the major challenges in working on this project?

Jens: Challenges? We just see opportunities.

GP:What is the boat club’s mission and goals?
Jens: We have two missions: Access and Education. Access to the water. Education about the water – it’s environmental condition and what can be done to make it better, as well as how to get on the water safely and enjoy this incredible natural resource, the New York City Archipelago.

GP: How will you reach these goals and what is the timeline?

Jens: Come to the meeting tomorrow night at the Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club, to hear from all the working groups about how this is all going to happen, and put May 5th on your calendar – for season opening party BBQ!

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