It’s no secret that Brooklyn is a giant hub for locally made anything. If you’re a local junkie and are looking for a one-stop-shop for a sustainable living environment look no further: Kerry Jones is the owner of one of Greenpoint’s newest stores, the one well, which Jones describes best as a lifestyle store.  “This is for the highest degree of care about your health, your planet, and how you’re affecting your planet.”  Over 50 artisans are currently featured in the one well with products ranging from hang crafted bags to locally made honey, chocolate, skin care, vintage lamps, vintage clothing, art pieces and many other lifestyle items (including vegan products!)

Kerry takes a great deal of pride in ensuring that all artisans whose products are sold in The One Well meet her standards of sustainability. She has tried every single product in the store, be it skin care, food or cleaning products (which she says work better than any other cleaning products she’s ever used, and without all the chemicals!) There are times when she has had to turn artisans away because their level of sustainability just didn’t make the mark, but in order to maintain her own credibility as a business owner and the mission of her business, it’s not surprising that this happens.

What I found to be particularly refreshing about meeting Kerry was that she’s not at all preachy or condescending. In fact, she admits that  even when “you’re always striving to be smarter and more environmentally responsible” there is always more to learn and the ability to step it up a notch. Kerry’s idea of sustainability also includes her customers, and how her products fit into their budgets. “I get told at least three times a week that my prices are great, and that’s important because people aren’t going to choose an option if they can’t make it sustainable for them, and affordable for the long term.”


the one well also features Global Local artisans from Thailand, Mexico and Morocco. Essentially, individuals will go home to their native lands to visit family and friends, buy and share artisan goods and bring locally made items back to the United States. This means, as a customer, that you can find items that you probably wouldn’t find in many other shops such as Moroccan leather bags. “We’re supporting the local vendor and we’re getting a fair trade situation on products that my customers wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.”

As if her shop and the products sold were not interesting enough, her experience leading up to her current business create an even richer story of Kerry’s exploration into sustainability, and ultimately how the one well came to Greenpoint.

Kerry Jones has had a great deal of experience in the art field studying photography, painting, drawing and fabric design in college, as well installation and sound art. After college, she worked in the Hamptons as a personal chef where she she began her journey into sustainability as she chose local items (food, kitchen appliances and tools, decorations, etc.) “It’s very intuitive for me, as an artist. When I think about what my medium is, food and arrangement is definitely part of that. Sustainability extends into everything in terms of art. Choosing what materials you’re going to use to make your work, that’s what food is. It all ties in for me.” It was at this time when she began to conceptualize the one well.

I would definitely pop in to see what the one well is all about! And from a personal standpoint, I highly recommend the Peppermint Rescue Chocolate. I went through it within 2 days; it was that good. A visual aid:

the one well
165 Greenpoint Ave.

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