Update 7/21/11: The space has opened under the name El Toro Taqueria.

Got a tip from reader Caius about a possible new restaurant opening up on Driggs & McGuinness:

Tres Toros Taqueria submitted by reader Michelle

A deli/convenient store closed down recently and papered up the windows. this past week i noticed even though the windows are still papered, a new sign has been placed above the store called “Tres Toros Taqueria”. Just a tip if you haven’t heard anything, or if you have any other info.

A quick Google search revealed a mission style Mexican joint called Dos Toros Taqueria in the East Village… Perhaps this is their third location? Or maybe just a coninkidink.

Tres Toros Taqueria – Opening Soon
254 Driggs Ave


Update 7/10/11: Got the following email from the owners of Dos Toros Taqueria, so it’s not one of theirs:

Hey Justine,

Sorry to say there are no brooklyn plans as of yet. Number three is coming down the pipe, but it’ll be upper east side. This is pretty weird – I guess someone is opening a place called Tres Toros? Or it’s a joke?


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