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Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Standard Closes Temporarily Due to Basement Flood

Brooklyn Standard (188 Nassau Ave.) (Image courtesy of Ralphy Perez)

Brooklyn Standard (188 Nassau Ave.) was forced to close today following a basement flood and a visit from the Department of Health.

The good news is that the neighborhood cafe plans to reopen later today at 4:30 p.m. Continue reading

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Savor the Last of Summer with a Picnic in the Park

Monger’s Palate Picnic Basket  Photo by Desirée Flores

North Brooklyn may not have the vast green destination of Prospect Park, but there are several scattered parks that are perfect for picnics. We’ve put together a list of places that offer take away options to full-service picnic gear that can make a day laying in the grass so much more enjoyable. Whether you plan to lay out a blanket or just sit on your jacket, these bites are quick and easy for a meal in the park. Continue reading

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A native non-Polish Greenpointer, I grew up living by McGolrick Park and am here still. I’ve seen the transformation of this neighborhood since I was in middle school. That means I picked up Polish cuss words from the school playground and I now pick up my daily Stumptown Coffee from the Brooklyn Standard.  The ‘G’ has been and remains my lifeline — my only, yet painful, way into the city.  Countless Angry Birds levels were won while waiting on the platform.

With the changes, my heart followed. I have to visit, try, eat, see everything Greenpoint (with a spillover to Williamsburg).  I pull and tug my friends from the other four boroughs to my little nabe and I’m proud to say I’ve made converts.  I also have an unhealthy appetite for deal buying sites, and anything Greenpoint triggers an immediate purchase.  My last haircut was at The Parlour Brooklyn, I had dinner at the Manhattan Inn, and I’ve yet to take my High Fall class at the Hollywood Stunts Training Center (Groupon, Scoop St., and Living Social respectively).

Pictures, Deals, and Food. That’s what you’ll find under my name.  I’m high on visuals, few with words. My morning ritual starts with a cup of coffee and me sifting through email subscriptions and 10 tabs of deals websites.  When dining out, I’m that friend who won’t allow anyone to lift their fork until I capture a shot of the sweet glow of fresh pancakes.  But I’m also the friend who insists you share this epiphany of sorts from a bite of Peter Pan Bakery’s doughnut.


So hi, take a bite. 🙂


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300 Free Coffees – TODAY!

Today is Brooklyn Standard and Cafe Royal’s anniversaries and they want to give you FREE coffee!

Brooklyn Standard is turning two and offering 200 free coffees. Cafe Royal turns one and is offering 100 free coffees. Both places are on a first come, first serve basis so get there like, um, NOW!

Brooklyn Standard
188 Nassau Ave

Cafe Royal
195 Nassau Ave

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The Brooklyn Standard

The Brooklyn Standard has been on everyone’s lips lately and I reeked with curiosity upon interviewing Cody Utzman, chef and owner of Brooklyn Label and Papacitos. I walked in to find Shamus the chef and Trevor the helper scurry in and out of the fully stocked kitchen to making sandwiches for all to sample. I was handed a tangy and aromatic lemonade infused with rosemary and I sipped and shot photos of the anticipatory energy dashing through the shop, which opens tomorrow.

The shop markets itself as an eco-friendly, sustainability-conscious, locally supplied, vegan and vegetarian catering organic bodega planted on the dull polish laden nothingness that is Nassau Ave. It will be a haven for those like me who have been hopelessly hunting for quality coffee and egg sandwiches, vegan/vegetarian options and overall healthy tasty goods that are nowhere to be seen on this side of Greenpoint. Surely it will be a hit with locals, whether you’re that weathered Polish man in search of something non-pierogi or the weathered unemployed freelance graphic designer in search of an affordable and delicious meal.

So what can you find at BS? Your typical bodega trinkets such as cigarettes, batteries, tampons and toilet paper, alongside the bulk section rife with organic oats and granola, homemade bread and prepared goods. The menu is wide and varied supplying breakfast, lunch and dinner with options from the sandwich section, salad bar, baked goods, and hot whole meals. All ingredients are from local farms in the tri-state area, all contents organic and everything is cooked and baked in house cutting down on emissions and saving costs for garbage disposal cultivating a compost farm in the back.

I gratefully sampled a few of the sandwiches Shamus and Trevor prepared for us. They were beyond amazing. I stopped listening to all the ingredients that went into each carefully constructed sandwich and savored each bite full of wholesome vegetables with saucy spices and out of the norm concoctions.

There was a seitan french dip sandwich that Shamus served with a bowl of the soup for us to dip the sandwich in, one with avocado and red pepper, one with roasted portobello mushrooms and another with tofu in that sloppy joe style with smoky BBQ sauce that stood far and beyond being just a meat replacement sandwich.

They were all gratifyingly filling, healthy and wholesome, and full of knock out flavor. And don’t let the gourmet organic factor fool you. Everything will be priced under typical bodega standards with sandwiches costing no more than $7. I look forward to tasting more.

The philosophy behind BS is humbly utopic and Cody Utzman sets a business model that can hopefully be adapted and practiced by all. It involves tending to environmental concerns, composting and recycling waste that can save costs for the business, using biodegradable materials and working with local farmers and suppliers to fill the shelves and cut travel costs and emissions. It’s a collaborative effort that focuses on what should be the “Standard” for all businesses: sustainability, community, awareness, and affordability.

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