Finding good music to listen to at work is tough.  It can’t be too punchy or loud and maintaining focus while keeping your mind active requires a measure of consistency and continuity from song to song that sometimes automated services like Pandora just can’t supply – and let’s not get started on the ads.  The search for a properly-curated playlist led me to PRØMS, an online collection of soft, intriguing electronic, indie, and R&B assembled by DJ, Photographer, and Brooklynite Tommy Chase Lucas.  My job often involves doing things like editing street shape segments in an abstract, blank workspace, and if any music supports mindful abstraction, it’s this.

After blissing out on the playlists for a few days I found that he DJs regularly at Blackout, so I took myself out one Thursday to ditch the headphones and hear his stuff played for a whole room.  PRØMS live did a great job of changing the selection to fit the audience -in person, his playlist was more energetic than the online offerings, and he did not make the wedding DJ mistake of playing obnoxious dance songs to an uncrowded, calm bar scene.  I was able to take my drink, recline casually at one of Blackout’s comfortable wall couches, and let the music sweep my brain clean like it does at work.  While the mix wasn’t something anyone would dance to that night, I have little doubt that PRØMS could provoke more movement on a busier night.  On a slow Thursday, this was music to wash your day off with like a hot shower, or to fill the pauses in a conversation you can still hold in your indoor voice.  Once properly relaxed, I found a moment to talk to Tommy, who was on a similar page: friendly and clearly also enjoying a quiet night at the bar picking the music.

In addition to tonight, PRØMS plays Blackout (and other venues) frequently, and has moved to playing on Friday nights there regularly.  Follow links through the events page and you’ll find Tommy’s photographic and design work, which merit appreciation all their own and will provide a workplace distraction equal to the productive mood offered by his playlists.  Whether you’re on a first OKCupid date or on your own looking for a clear head and a cheap drink, Blackout with PRØMS setting the mood is the right way to end (or start) a night.  See you there tonight?



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