Just got a bummer email from reader Sam:

Sad news for those of us in SE Greenpoint /E Williamsburg: Boneshakers has closed the curtain on 134 Kingsland for the last time and moved in with Champs Bakery at 176 Ainslie. Signs on the door suggested that they were having lease trouble, and the owners weren’t willing to cut them a break:

“We will miss you all so much. Thank you for loving us back. We learned the hard way that people with the big buck$ have hearts of stone. (heart) you!! – Everyone at Boneshakers.”

Boneshakers was one of the best parts about this neck of the woods. Good food and coffee, reasonable prices, friendly staff, lots of tables and free wi-fi. I’m glad they’ll still operate out of Champs, though that’s another mile down the way. Shame.


Good news: Champs/Boneshakers is having brunch this Sat/Sun.

This is very sad. The area where Boneshakers was located doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the others parts of nabe have. I’m sure it will be SORELY missed by locals over there. But I guess it’s also nice to celebrate them moving on to room with Champs.

Boneshakers at Champs Bakery
176 Ainslie Street

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