Back when I started this blog, the coolest local blog on the block was Williamsburg Is Dead, created by Keith Wagstaff. Since then Keith has been involved with a number of projects and his latest venture with Brian Merchant is The Utopianist. And they are celebrating their launch next Wednesday March 30th at Veronica People’s Club right here in Greenpoint.

The Utopianist is the new online magazine dedicated to examining the big ideas in politics, technology and design that are driving society closer to perfection. Don’t worry, we’re not quite there yet — there’s still plenty to write about. Our goal is to take each of those topics, peel away the noise — no horse race politics, no ‘iPad vs iPad 2’ features, no ‘Sarah Palin is an idiot’, etc — and to examine the truly rich ideas emerging in each that could improve society the world over. And of course, we’ll take a look at full-on utopian ideas too, new and old.

But we’re not just going to blog about a perfect civilization — we’re going to get under the skin of this one, too, and try to pinpoint the structural issues holding us back from real progress. We’ll comb the news and pop culture to better understand how consumerism, corporatism, and widening income inequality are deeply, deeply pissing off ordinary citizens — and obstructing democracy. Our Capitalist Jukebox will play the hits — music, video, music videos! — that mine this culture of resentment for inspiration. Our Daily Stat will point to an instance of injustice for daily consideration.

In other words, the Utopianist should become the ideal destination for those inclined to have a good time thinking bigger. To celebrate the launch, we’re throwing a party at Veronica’s People Club with:

Free Sixpoint beer (this is Utopia, remember!), but only on first come first serve (all good things must end)
The musical stylings of DJ Le Chev (Fischerspooner, AVAN LAVA).


So do come join us, and help us kick off our quest for Utopia in style.

March 30th, 7-10 pm (open bar starts at 7).
Veronica People’s Club
105 Franklin Street
Hosts: Brian Merchant and Keith Wagstaff, editors of the Utopianist.

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