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Scrounging through Design Sponge I found this post revealing the innards of a lovely home in Greenpoint. The thought of moving after having just settled into my studio a year ago is daunting, but with enough calm and determination it can be an exciting venture to tackle. Partnered up with my soon-to-be husband we’ll be looking for an apartment that if not as big, will be as lovely as this featured post on Design Sponge, hopefully.

The prospect of shopping at flea markets and supporting our local stores for awesome home decor finds is exciting, allowing all sorts of domesticated daydreams to emerge and play itself out. That of all people, I would be getting married and sharing a home with someone is just straight up bizarre but I’m embracing it every step of the way.

With that said in the next couple months as I visit all our local shops for lamps, plates, dressers and bedsheets I’ll highlight the best of my finds and share them here for our indulgence sake.

If you here of any apartment openings, perhaps a floor thru railroad on Oak Street that’s sundrenched with a backyard terrace, don’t be shy to share!

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