I met Mike from nycdarts.com last night and he was spending the evening going to local bars in Greenpoint and Williamsburg passing out the flyers below. So now all we have to do is patiently wait and hope that the bars rally and call him to sign up!

If you’re a bar interested in participating – the info is below, get cracking!


Darts are coming…

to Greenpoint & Williamsburg. The league will be starting in a couple of weeks (early April 2008). League will be on Wednesday or Thursday nights at 8 PM depending on which night bars want. Bars that are interested should call Mike as soon as possible to register or if you have any questions.

Here are a few things about the league. You will need FIVE players to play a complete match. Four can play and only lose 2 points by forfeit out of 21 possible points. Maximum on a team is TEN players. Matches consist of 501 straight on, Cricket singles and doubles and 501 double on, double off.

Entry fee is $150 for a 15 week season, plus about 4 weeks playoffs. You are guaranteed 7 home games in full season. This season may be shortened (entry fee will be less) so as to have some time off during summer and so we can start on time in September. League seasons usually run from September to end of January, with 2 weeks off for holidays. New season starts middle of February until end of June. We usually take off July and August.


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