Gothamist did a sneak peek on The Habitat. I took a peek inside last week as well and it looks small but cute. It’s a little kitschy, but I like that so I’ll definitely check it out when it opens.

Terry Corrao has new show on channel 21 and the pilot is showcasing Easter in Greenpoint.

Little Bit of Brooklyn 

Brooklyn cook, caterer, and instructor Terry Corrao hosts a new documentary about a Polish Easter celebration in Brooklyn, New York. Corrao visits the Gubernat family of Greenpoint, the second largest Polish neighborhood in the U.S., during Easter Week to show how they keep Polish Easter traditions alive. Features pisanki, the art of intricate egg painting with wax; crafting a decorative butter lamb and dessert lamb; shopping in Greenpoint food stores for kielbasa and cheeses; preparing a traditional Easter basket for church blessing; and a classic Polish soup prepared by grandmother “Babcia” for Easter dinner.

2:30pm — Saturday, March 22
7:30pm — Saturday, March 22

The G-Train is being extended to Church Avenue
starting in November 2008.

How Do You Walk? – Pratt student and 8 year Greenpointer Kathleen Scully is doing a a class study on walking.



I’m, interested in people here whom walk, part, some,or all of their distance to work, even a short walk to the G train, to those who walk over the Pulaski Bridge, or to the L on Bedford. 

I’m interested in what they carry, what they wear, if they walk with someone, or alone, if it’s done for exercise, or convenience, is it cost effective, safe, etc.

Fill out her short survey here.

Zagat’s is now accepting rates and reviews for NYC restaurants! From March 12 – April 27th you can rate and review all your favorite places in the five boroughs and you get rewarded with a free 2009 Zagat Guide when it comes out. How cool is that? Get over there now and rate your favorite Greenpoint joints.

Plus this year “there will be awards for the “wittiest” and “best” surveyors. The winners will be determined by a vote from other surveyors, and awards will be announced with the release of the guide.” So all you Yelp Elite members can try your hand at impressing the Zagat folks.

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