I got this as an email and a comment tonight:

Chef Cody Utzman/Press Release

To my Loyal customers and fans: On Feb 1st 2008, I resigned my position as Founder/Head Chef/Owner of Brooklyn Label, due to un-reconcilable differences with Financial business partners. Since then I have noticed numerous comments on quality and service throughout blogs and web reviews and want to let my loyal customers, friends and neighbors know that I have left the trust of your favorite neighborhood café in the hands of my ex partners and crew, and I wish them the best and most success possible. As many of you know I was a regular feature behind the counter or in the kitchen making sure all your needs where met and your food was “excellent” every time. I fully intend to complete my mission statement of bringing the most “excellent” products, services, coffee, and neighborhood business improvements to Greenpoint. I am currently working on a really exciting project that should be open summer of 2008. Thank you again for all your support, rave reviews, and friendship in the past year. I look forward to welcoming everyone to my new place that will be the very best you’ve seen yet!!

I am creating a mailing list to notify you all of my future projects. If you would like to join, send an email with “Brooklyn” in the subject to [email protected]

Please feel free to repost.


Cody Utzman

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  1. prices went up, portions went down, service went from bad to worse and no booze in sight. maybe a victim of its own success?

    I only go there if I HAVE to. still love greenpoint cafe and enids (as long as I am there before the douchebags either wake up or go out)

  2. When they first opened they had prices on par with other cafes in the neighborhood and almost twice as many items on the menu, not to mention a much more laid back, welcoming atmosphere. Then they got a few write-ups and lines for brunch and all of a sudden there prices went up about 50% and the menu got axed. Brooklyn Label does not seem interested or invested in the neighborhood, just business…

  3. We kind of lost interest in the place when my wife told me she went in for coffee in the morning and all the suger packs were chewed up like rats were eating them.

  4. All the above comments are what makes this place no longer a greenpoint interest. It seems like Cody worked so hard to make this place a true nieghborhood joint, but based off his departure, it’s clear that the money talks and we all lost allot more than Cody.

    boo whoo on brooklyn labels new owners……

    ps whats up with being closed all of a sudden for dinner hours???

  5. Hi to all from Brooklyn Label-

    We’d like to let everyone know what’s up lately at Brooklyn Label. We have brought on a new Head Chef, Ed Bode, whom some of you already know from Union Picnic. We’re happy to have him and look forward to the additions he will bring to our kitchen and menu.
    As for the plethora of other questions:
    1. Booze IS coming, we have been approved for our liquor license but have to finalize a permit from the previous owners first. If you’ve ever dealt with the city on anything, you know, I’m sure, this means we could have our license in a couple of weeks, or, mostly likely, a couple of months. In the mean time, we are going to a winter schedule and closing at 7pm. When we have our license and spring has sprung outdoor seating, we will reintroduce dinner.

    2. We are working very hard to improve things at BL, from bringing in more vegan and vegetarian options to changing over to soy oil (instead of butter) to cook our eggs, hash browns, and some of our breakfast entrees. Many of our purveyors have hiked their prices substantially, especially baked goods due to a huge increase in flour prices this year (I won’t even go into the politics driving that issue). When we’ve needed to we’ve raised prices to reflect our increased. We’ve been looking at different distributors to try to cut costs, and when we can, we will reflect it in our prices.
    3. Brunches here are crazy, there are no two ways about it.
    4. We appreciate the hard work that went into starting up Brooklyn Label, and we believe we can continue to improve.
    Thanks to all of our regular customers and weekend brunch-warriors for coming to our restaurant. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback.


    April Goettle
    GM, Brooklyn Label

  6. I hope with the new management, the attitudes will be more cheerful and not like the wait staff are doing me a big favor by bringing my plate from the ktichen to the table. And I sure hope I am not rushed out like the time when my plate was taken from me with 50% of my food still on it.

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