Looks like Eat Records will be serving up dinner starting tomorrow and up until 10pm which is somewhat late for the ‘hood. Enjoy!

Starting this Thursday, January 24th, EAT will be serving dinner every night of the week. Dinner will be served from 5pm – 10pm and the menu will include risottos, pasta, polenta, and more. The dinner menu will be changing seasonally and will be based around ingredients from local farms in upstate New York. We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our food service and provide a unique and affordable dining experience. Hope you are able to come out for dinner and check out the new renovations. We will also be continuing our Friday night live music series which will coincide with dinner from 8-10pm every week.

124 Meserole Ave

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  1. eat just got hit with MASSIVE violations from the DOH. I love them and love that they are part of the neighborhood, but i was pretty taken aback at the DOH citations.

  2. I used to work attending DOH violation hearings for restaurants in the five boroughs and I took a look at Eat’s latest inspection date of 1/15/08 and they passed. Yes, they got some violations but one was simply for not having their permit displayed, another for something vague about non-food contact surface improperly maintained. That could mean ANYTHING – and since it’s a non-food surface, what’s big deal?

    As my experience goes, an inspector almost NEVER leaves a site without issuing a violation. I’ve never even heard of it. They always write *something* up.

    So I just want to give my two cents on Eat getting violations, they really aren’t that serious at all. They got just 18 violation points when the system goes up to 175. They were well within passing.

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