Read this article this morning and my favorite part:.

Property values in Greenpoint are also likely to see a decline, predicts New York. “If those T-shirt designers and bloggers can suddenly afford their first choices, closer to the all-holy Bedford Avenue stop on the L, they’ll abandon Greenpoint in a Brooklyn minute.”

One can hope! My wish for the real estate market to decline in Greenpoint is not somehow a ‘dig’ towards my home. It’s just that it’s gotten too expensive that reality seriously needs to set in. All of the local homeowners have long since made their money five times over selling their houses, it’s those of us who don’t own that are being tormented by the drastically and rapidly inflating prices.

And it’s slowly stripping Greenpoint of it’s flavor. Not to diss Billyburg but honestly, the place was mostly just a bad neighborhood before it was gentrified by the hipsters. What it is now is a vast improvement from what it was in the 80’s. But Greenpoint doesn’t need improving. At least not in the same way Williamsburg did. It’s always been safe, it’s always been fairly clean and it’s always been a friendly neighborhood kinda place.

Greenpoint needs to retain it’s roots and keep it’s vibe. We don’t need a million and one art spaces and niche cafes. We can walk over to Williamsburg for that. I, for one, would love to see the Williamsburg scene drop off a bit and lower in price so that the influx of people who want to live there, can. They don’t have to ‘settle’ for Greenpoint.

And then we don’t have to settle for Ridgewood and Maspeth.


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  1. you hit it squarely, God willing the lunatic alien invasion has crested, and by that the property values,so that the original inhabitants, their children, those that came up here or those that would like to invest something other than an attitude could make the Point a great place to live.
    I’ve been a homeowner here since the mid 70’s and it’s true, there was a time you couldn’t walk across Berry without being yoked by some junkie/idiot- but Greenpoint was never at that Bushwick-level of depravity.
    I sure hope some of the present chemistry changes, before Greenpoint loses it’s identity.
    There’s no need for any dramatic changes here; there never was.
    The current building fiasco around McKarrin is bad enough,just too drastic,it seems..and Jeez, so ugly.
    PS not fawning here but keep it up, there’s a need for this blog..

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